Zion Williamson already injured, he reacts cash!

Zion Williamson already injured, he reacts cash!



After a great campaign in the West last year, the Pelicans logically still hope to do better at the dawn of this recovery. They will rely heavily on the talent of CJ McCollum, as well as the return to form of Zion Williamson. The latter, however, has just joined the infirmary after a new problem. We can say that things are off to a bad start in Louisiana.

The serious things will begin for the franchises, with the start of the regular season in a few days. A moment eagerly awaited by some teams, especially after a rather surprising offseason. In the West, organizations like the Wolves or the Suns will have pressure on their shoulders. The same is true for the Pelicans. The latter bet a lot on CJ McCollum and Zion Williamson to carry out a big exercise, although the latest news is worrying.

Injuries begin for Zion Williamson!

Opposed to Miami this Wednesday evening, New Orleans largely lost on the score of 103-120. An anecdotal score for the pre-season. The biggest problem for the Pels is that Zion couldn’t finish the game. Victim of a bad reception at the level of the left ankle, the former Duke had to leave his teammates after 11 short minutes. Fans are obviously worried.

Considering its weight, I would be very surprised to learn that it is a precautionary exit. Even though Marcus Smart’s ankle twisted 90 degrees in the playoffs and he was able to play. I would say luck plays

A nasty twist on the left ankle, forcing the player to join the infirmary for the time being. It is not yet known if the interior will be available for the first game of the regular season. What is certain is that the concern is present in Louisiana, especially for a player subscribed to injuries. Remember that Williamson is playing big with the coming season, since he must prove that he is able to stay in good health. It went pretty badly right now.

In front of the journalists after the game, coach Willie Green tried to be reassuring about Zion. Nothing very serious for the interior, even if its return date is unknown.

Willie Green: “Zion Williamson is doing well. He explains that Zion twisted his ankle and they expect him to be day-to-day. »

Same story for the principal concerned when responding to the media:

I’m doing well. I want to use the right term, but at the time, let’s say it wasn’t very good. I was able to play for a few minutes and everything was fine, but they decided to check to be sure.

Already injured, Zion Williamson will have to rest in the coming days to settle this ankle story. Will he be present for the first in the regular season? Doubt is already allowed in Louisiana. We can in any case say that it starts quite badly for the colossus.

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