La superstar NBA des Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving, s'est adressée à LeBron James pour revenir sur ses vieux commentaires incendiaires à son égard

Worst possible news for the Lakers in the soap opera Kyrie Irving!



The Lakers have been known to have been eyeing Kyrie Irving for some time now, hoping to improve their point guard position next season. In exchange ? The franchise would like to send Russell Westbrook, who is no longer really wanted. Unfortunately, this trade seems very unlikely, especially with the latest update in progress.

The Lakers have been linked to several players in the trade market for a few weeks now. There are Buddy Hield and Myles Turner, even if the negotiations with the Pacers are not really progressing. But the hottest file remains that of Kyrie Irving, which seemed very close to joining the City of Angels during the month of July. Since ? Brooklyn gave priority to Kevin Durant, who is still far from packing his bags.

This situation does not help the Angelinos, who badly need to improve their leads. Russell Westbrook is no longer wanted, to the point that Rob Pelinka has been looking for a way out for him for a long time now, without success. His plan ? Temporize between now and September training camp, and hope the Nets change their minds about Irving, even if it means including two first draft rounds. Problem ? Barring an accident, that won’t happen.

The Kyrie Irving soap opera soon to end?

However, the Purple and Gold are now ready to do what is necessary to convince the Nets. The big problem there is that the first two rounds in question are scheduled for 2027 and 2029. An eternity for a franchise like Brooklyn, which would like to obtain assets in order to win today according to Marc Stein. The latter does not say it clearly, but a trade with the Lakers seems almost impossible.

The Nets are not interested in the idea of ​​trading Kyrie Irving for future assets. Brooklyn would want players to win right now in return.

Russell Westbrook? Talen Horton-Tucker? Kendrick Nunn? This is what the Lakers can possibly offer, but we doubt that Brooklyn will be tempted to accept. We are talking about Irving, a player who is still able to shine, and who wants to stay in the Big Apple, unlike Kevin Durant.

“I think Kyrie Irving is totally invested in being a Brooklyn Net next year. From what I understand, he and the Nets want a date for training camp. The Nets want to renew the team next year. Brian Windhorst

Not only does Kyrie Irving want to stay with the Nets, but the Lakers don’t have the assets to recruit him. Despite a very choppy summer so far, Brooklyn wants to keep winning, starting today. One or two first draft rounds in 5/7 years won’t change anything.

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