Les superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis et LeBron James, avec la mine des mauvais jours

“With this Big Three, the Lakers will be 1000% champions”



The Lakers’ top three didn’t work at all last year, so it’s imperative that they be addressed before the start of the 2022-23 campaign. According to a former player, replacing Russell Westbrook with a particular star would be the silver bullet. Easier said than done…

With the extension of LeBron James, who will be a member of the franchise until at least 2024, the Lakers have also extended their window of opportunity for the title a little more. It was necessary after a disastrous 2021-22 exercise, marked by the spectacular failure of the Big Three formed by the King, Anthony Davis and Russell Westbrook. The third city is now very frowned upon in the City of Angels, and its leaders are doing everything they can to get rid of it.

If they succeed, which seems quite complicated at the moment given the lack of interest among the competition, his replacement would have been the perfect choice for a while since the Purples and Golds are fixated on Kyrie Irving. Beyond his ties to Bron, having been his teammate at the Cavs, that Uncle Drew is so appealing to them is no surprise according to Jay Williams. The ex-NBA athlete indeed thinks that his addition would almost automatically be synonymous with a champion ring for LA!

Kyrie-LeBron-AD, a title guarantee for the Lakers?

I don’t know if they’re willing to make a big enough offer to get Irving through a trade. They would have to offer a lot more than just a draft pick for Kyrie Irving when they don’t have much to offer already. So if I’m in Jeanie Buss’ shoes, I’m still going to do everything to make LeBron James win another title.

It depends on what you have to give up, but if you put Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis and LeBron James on the same team, yes, you could win a league title with those three. Depending on the players you have added to your bench and the depth, having these three players as your core, you can earn a 1000% league title.

With his innate scoring skills as well as his great long-distance address (he finished 2020-21 in 50-40-90, just that), the point guard would indeed be perfect to support the Chosen One, close to retirement. The problem is that the assets are missing in order to convince Brooklyn to give it up and the Californians have just received very bad news on this subject. Swapping Ky against Brodie notably risks being a totally utopian move…

With a Big Three made up of Kyrie Irving, LeBron James and Anthony Davis, the Lakers would therefore be guaranteed to win at least one title. The problem is that Uncle Drew is still not a member of the Crimson and Gold and it’s starting to get complicated to get it.

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