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As they face ever-increasing challenges, finance departments are also expected to accelerate the transformation of their function. For years, organizers and the finance community have been convinced that moments of sharing between peers promote this acceleration.

Technological innovations at the heart of the transformation

Injunctions to innovation are part of current trends. Necessary, these transformations are sometimes accompanied by a requirement of immediacy incompatible with the reality of the functioning of a financial department. If the community shares the observation that legacy systems must evolve and that a real revolution is underway with digitalization and automation, it is not easy to know which direction to take. So that business leaders and their teams can better grasp these subjects, Future of Finance has created original spaces to exchange with companies on the initiative of technologies based on AI, machine learning, the cloud… These trades must take place with peers who have already applied these tools. Google, SAP, Oracle, Workday… more than 35 technological workshops are scheduled for October 18 in Paris in an emblematic place in the capital, the Louvre, whose Richelieu wing housed our Ministry of Finance 30 years ago. .

Better understand the current upheavals

Harmonization, traceability, reliability… so many issues facing financial players today regarding data. These fundamental structuring subjects have sometimes been overshadowed in the face of emergencies and the storm that a majority of companies have had to go through over the past two years. Health crisis, geopolitics, energy, economic models are forced to evolve at lightning speed, without it being always possible to develop reporting tools at the same speed. The current level of uncertainty about energies and the heavy inflationary trend make exchanges between peers essential in order to stay the course in the turmoil. And other black clouds are coming. Retaining teams at the time of the Big Quit (Great Resignation) is not an easy task. With the balance of power reversing, retaining talent is becoming a major issue for finance departments whose employees are looking for meaning and flexibility. As for future talent, everything must be done to attract them.

Future of Finance does not claim to provide a turnkey and immediate solution to all of these issues. The ambition of the event is broader: to inspire and connect. By allowing financial players to discuss their common concerns through networking lunches and high-level round tables, the event actively participates, as it did the past yearsbuilding the finance of tomorrow.

Take the height and anticipate the next developments

Finance departments have already fully integrated the various issues related to the European taxonomy, and if there is one observation shared by all, it is that the contribution of finance departments to CSR issues is not ready to stop. Environmental income statement (EP & L), future restrictions on financing for companies that do not respect the SDGs, financial sobriety, carbon KPIs, decarbonization… new indicators are arriving en masse. Financial reports still based mainly on the volume of business are called upon to evolve under pressure from customers, investors and of course regulations. In 2022 more than ever, managing a company’s performance goes far beyond simple financial performance.

Relevance and efficiency as priorities

To address all these major topics and enrich the thoughts of decision-makers, there is a valuable meeting combining business opportunities, inspiring encounters, feedback and networking lunches.
For his 7e edition, Future of Finance has chosen a short, dense format and highly relevant content. The objective: to save precious time for the finance community. Like 1,000 other participantsbook now your day of October 18, 2022 to accelerate the transformation of the finance function within your organization.

More info: www.futureoffinance.fr

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