Steph Curry et Green réagissent à la grande nouvelle pour Klay Thompson !

Why the Warriors roster is destined to explode!



If the Warriors won the title, the future of this team is very undecided. Many players will be able to extend their contract, while Joe Lacob, the owner, asks for changes to save money. If Steph Curry is untouchable in Golden State, the rest is not. Explanations.

Warriors fans have been smiling for a few weeks now, following the title win over the Celtics. The ambition is to do it again in a year, except that things will quickly evolve in Golden State, and not necessarily positively. In question ? Contract extensions. Jordan Poole and Andrew Wiggins are still waiting to be paid, while Draymond Green can be paid in a week. Problem ? Dubs are not interested.

It must be said that Green asks for the maximum, and over four long years. An eternity for Joe Lacob, who wants to save money. With league penalties, the owner is already paying 362 million in taxes this season, which ranks GSW second in the NBA, behind the Clippers. In a perfect world, the franchise extends Green, Poole, Wiggins as well as Klay Thompson, soon to be a free agent. But according to The Athletic, the bill will rise to 564 million.

Big changes in sight for the Warriors!

For Lacob, it’s too much, he who prefers to stay around 300 million:

“These numbers are not at all manageable”

This is what the owner replied with a possible bill reaching 400 million. The Chase Center is known to generate significant revenue, but not to the point of fully filling and paying those salaries.

Marcus Thompson announces a dark future with the Dubs:

A storm is approaching. All players are still under contract for the next season. But if the Warriors refuse to pay anyone, the front office will have to prioritize some. From next season, one or two important players will have left the ship. Damage is inevitable. Pay the legends, risk the youth. Pay the young, tangle with the legends. Don’t pay anyone, and create a tense locker room for Steve Kerr.

The Warriors have been wanting to play it both ways for some time, with the stars on one side and the next generation on the other. We obviously think of Poole, Wiggins, Moody, Kuminga and finally Wiseman. But it won’t be possible to hold on like this for long, especially if Lacob can’t take on the finances.

The Warriors don’t have to extend anyone. They will have another chance to win the title, with 4 important members under contract. It also gives another year to find out if Wiseman, Kuminga and Moody deserve a bigger role. But not giving extensions can also annoy several players in the locker room.

It is certain, the Warriors roster will eventually explode. This summer ? It’s unlikely, but by the summer of 2023? Everything is possible with Andrew Wiggins, but especially Draymond Green, looking for a maximum contract at 33 years old. This does not correspond to the new tactics of the Dubs, who will have to make a choice. Whatever happens, the supporters must enjoy it.

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