why should we favor short videos?

why should we favor short videos?



Short videos are an extremely powerful tool for digital marketing. They make it possible to deliver a clear, precise and dynamic message to the Internet user. What are the other benefits of this type of video? We tell you everything.

What are the benefits of video for online marketing? Online marketing is constantly evolving with new technological tools. A few years ago, written content was the best ally of online marketers. But, with the advent of YouTube and social media, video has become the preferred mode of communication for many. The reasons are many:

  • the video is more dynamic and more attractive;
  • the video makes it possible to synthesize a message thanks to the editing;
  • the video can be used in many contexts (product presentation, promotional video…).

Four good reasons to favor short videos

Short video offers different benefits than traditional videos. It allows you to better adapt your speech to social networks, to the new practices of Internet users and to create content that is more dynamic and faster to edit.

To adapt to new social networks

The main marketing distribution channels for companies today are social networks. Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube… These platforms highlight short videos and shorts, because these are the contents most viewed by users. Thus, a short video will have a better chance of being viewed completely.

To respond to new user practices

Much of the consumption of online content is now done on smartphones. Users are on public transport, on a break at work, between 2 classes at the faculty, etc., and switch from one video to another, focusing only on dynamic, fast-paced and subtitled content. To adapt to this type of relationship to image and content, it may therefore be interesting to opt for short videos. This will allow you to stand out from the hundreds of other videos viewed during the day by each Internet user.

To create dynamic and attractive content

Short video does not necessarily rhyme with superficial and poor quality content. On the contrary, short content can be more impactful and dynamic for Internet users. For a company, it is a way to present itself in a more attractive light. With keywords that appear on the screen at the right moment of the speech, with colorful and fun animations, with a sometimes abrupt editing rhythm, your message will be much more impactful. Whether it is to attract new customers, explain regulations to your employees, the result will be much more appreciated.

To produce synthetic and quick-to-edit content

The publication of a short video also has the great advantage of requiring less work than a long video. Indeed, the assembly is faster. It is therefore a perfect solution for editing content quickly and learning to synthesize information as much as possible. Ultimately, it saves time, production and therefore resources.


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