Fiche métier : pourquoi recruter un chef de projet web ?

why recruit a web project manager?



At a time when digital is essential in almost all sectors of activity, the web project manager is highly sought after in agencies and companies. Do you want to become one or look for the rare pearl? This trendy job requires several years of training to carry out the many missions related to marketing, web techniques and management. What are the reasons why you should hire a web project manager? What type of training do you need to follow to practice this profession? What are its development prospects? How much does he earn? We tell you everything…

What are the missions of a web project manager?

The web project manager or digital project manager ensures above all the proper functioning of the tasks within the company to achieve the objectives set for each activity. This may in particular concern natural referencing or paid referencing, the setting up of online advertising campaigns or the analysis of traffic management.

Training Creation and development of a training activity

Given that it must be able to respond to varied demands, this Swiss army knife must be aware of the tasks of its employees, keep informed on all decision-making.

He must have skills in:

  • SEO strategy;
  • Data base management ;
  • Programming language, including JavaScript, CSS, HTML, MYSQL and PHP;
  • Coordination of a project team;
  • Server architecture.

Project coordination

The web project manager ensures the proper coordination of tasks in the digital field: online presence including social networks, database, application development, websites, etc. Some tools, such as UX/UI analysis software, Gantt charts, or reports are therefore useful on a daily basis.

In this sense, its mission is to:

  • Maintain and define schedules;
  • Study the specifications of the customers;
  • Allocate the essential resources to the realization of the project;
  • Organize the validation steps when a project is coming to an end. These validation steps include design, production, testing and deployment;
  • Write technical and functional specifications.

Activity planning

By defining the schedule of all activities beforehand, this great all-terrain organizer is able to effectively manage all the tasks awaiting him and his team. Organized, rigorous, attentive, dynamic, able to anticipate and deal with the unexpected, he knows how to structure the stages of any current and future project for their smooth running.

The guarantor of new trends

For the company to be able to attract and obtain new customers, it must remain on the lookout for new trends in services and products related to its sector of activity. He will thus be able to integrate them into the various digital marketing strategies in order to better face the competition.

An added value

Since this profession is still fairly new on the market, recruiters are sometimes hesitant to hire this type of new profile within their structure. However, hiring a web project manager saves resources and time. In the agency, he ensures exchanges between the operational agents of the company and the customers, thus bringing real added value to the company.

What training to follow?

To become a web project manager, you must hold a professional license (Bac+3) or a Bac+5 in web professions. In addition to this specific training, a first work-study or internship experience is required for this position.

With a bac +3 level, a diploma from a specialized school, a BUT IT, a DN Made or even a professional license in the IT professions are accepted.

As for the bac +5 level required, it is equivalent to a Master’s degree in editorial management and internet communication or a business school diploma, a master’s degree in computer science and communication or even an engineering school diploma.

To strengthen your skills, there are also training courses in web marketing. This certifying course allows, for example, to create an effective e-marketing strategy, to set up an effective web marketing strategy adapted to your target and your marketing objectives.

What are the prospects for development? And the salary?

After several years of experience, the web project manager can become Director of Information Systems or Director of IT Projects. He can also create his own production company or agency.

Finally, a junior digital project manager earns between 25,000 and 36,000 euros gross per year. After 2 to 5 years in the business, he can claim a salary of 42,000 euros gross per year. As for the expert or the senior, he can receive between 40,000 and 60,000 euros gross per year. At the end of his career, he can be paid 65,000 euros gross per year.

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