Why consider a career in corporate finance?

Why consider a career in corporate finance?



Wondering why you should consider a career in corporate finance? What are the characteristics of this job? How do you train? How to access this environment? Then you have come to the right place, we will answer it in this article. Let’s go !

What is Corporate Finance?

Corporate finance concerns the financial activities essential to running a business and is primarily aimed at maximizing shareholder value. A career in corporate finance offers the opportunity to be at the heart of how a business operates, it is how companies finance the creation, growth and acquisition or disposal of businesses.

A corporate finance professional’s main job is to manage an organization’s money, and you might find yourself working on a wide range of topics, including raising capital (by getting a loan from a finance bank). investment, restructuring the business or obtaining financial support through another platform, e.g. crowdfunding), mergers, acquisitions, ownership changes and other activities aimed at improving the business . The role of a corporate financier is exciting, forward-looking, proactive, strategic, entrepreneurial and often international in nature. We also invite you to discover the corporate finance program.

What type of person works in corporate finance?

If you enjoy working with numbers and have strong analytical skills, corporate finance might be the career for you. People who know how to solve problems and who have a great attention to detail are well placed in this field. In addition to technical skills, you should have a natural understanding and interest in business, strong commercial sensitivity, including keeping up to date with the industry through trade publications to understand conditions and trends of the market, and some people even invest themselves. You are also a natural communicator, enjoy meeting people and have a natural flair for negotiation.

What qualifications do you need to work in corporate finance?

Although there is no specific qualification required to work in corporate finance, certain qualifications and courses will put you in a strong position and provide you with the necessary foundation to understand the fundamentals. Depending on the direction you want your career to take, you will ideally have studied accounting and finance or economics.

How to access business finance?

There are many ways to get into corporate finance and many different career paths, the most common of which are shown below:

  • Training within the audit team of an accounting firm, generally qualified after three years. After establishing a solid foundation, the move into corporate finance is much more natural. Typical moves usually include other accounting firms, consulting firms, and investment banks.
  • Join the corporate finance team of an accounting firm as an intern and study.
  • Joining a consultancy or investment bank directly after university as an analyst, with the option of studying for one of the qualifications if necessary.

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