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Where to find the best content for your marketing?



Now the question is how to get out of this mass of information.

How do you attract and retain the attention of our customers, potential customers and centers of influence – whether through your social media or your blog or newsletter?

Information versus communication

First, let’s understand the distinction between information and communication.

Informing is a unilateral act – giving you information. Google is made for that and meets people’s needs!

To communicate is to enter into a relationship with people, to open a dialogue. This is our goal!

We often, very often tend to inform customers instead of communicate with them. We share an article, a study, statics… Be careful, I do not mean not to share this information – my invitation is to put it in context.

Context – where ideas emerge

People often ask me where I find my ideas for writing this monthly column or the ideas for the capsules broadcast on my YouTube channel. It’s simple: in my everyday life!

Because, you see, our best marketing ideas are part of our daily life.

  1. Meeting with a client

A client has asked you a question or you are having a particularly interesting conversation on an important subject with him. Without naming him or giving too many details about his situation, share the essence of the conversation and your recommendation – that’s exactly what I did in this capsule.

  1. Meeting with a potential client

A potential client tells you about a fear, a concern, a question about what you do or about the way you do it? This is an excellent opportunity to respond to him. And that’s exactly what I did in this other capsule.

Here’s what I’ve learned over the years: when someone asks you a question or raises a concern – there are many other people who have the same, but don’t dare ask (or ask their advisor!).

  1. Discussion with a center of influence

Are you discussing a topic or situation with a center of influence? Share it! The examples I provided above were in video form but in writing the approach would be:

“Last Tuesday, I was talking with Manon Tremblay, from the firm ABC, and we were talking about ways to find marketing content ideas and here is the conclusion of our conversation…”

Now, if you mention (“tag”) the person in social media, you get bonus points because you double your visibility – yours and that of your center of influence.

  1. In everyday life

We have examples every day of situations related to our message – just take the time to raise awareness. I shared a campfire story where I made the connection between me trying to light a campfire – a situation that may seem trivial – and time management. The comments were super good because people could make the connection between the example I gave and their business practice.

I admit that using everyday facts is my favorite way to create content! But the four strategies presented above also work very well – I received a lot of comments following generalist vs specialist capsules from people who were asking the same question.

Now am I advising you against sharing an article, study, statics? Absolutely not! My invitation here is to put a context around the information you wish to share.

Take inspiration from your daily life, then improve with an article, a study, statics to support your point.

You don’t have to look very far to find your marketing content – ​​just take the time to take the time and look at what’s already there, present in your life, and use that as leverage.

Simplicity is the foundation of a strategy that works in the long term…

I always enjoy reading your comments. You can always reach me here and stay in touch via social media: LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube and now instagram.

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