NBA Ime Udoka en danger ?

“When it all comes out, he will be lucky if he manages to stay in the league”



Boston finds itself in a particularly complex situation, after the outbreak of the Ime Udoka affair. For a former player in the league, the concrete facts still unknown to the public could also lead to his permanent ousting from the NBA. That is to say their seriousness…

The least we can say is that the NBA was not spared from scandals during this 2022 off-season. In July, we learned in particular that Miles Bridges was accused of domestic violence, after having assaulted his girlfriend, among other things. Two months after the Hornets winger, it’s the Celtics’ turn to find themselves in turmoil, forced to suspend coach Ime Udoka for the entirety of the upcoming campaign.

The ex-assistant of Gregg Popovich in San Antonio was indeed pinned at the origin for his extra-marital relationship with a member of the franchise, which is prohibited by this one. But some damning details have come to bring a much more dramatic dimension to the case recently, and observers are not very optimistic about the person concerned. Matt Barnes, for example, hinted that Udoka’s days in the league were numbered:

Matt Barnes very disturbing on the Ime Udoka case

If everything comes out, he will be lucky if he coaches in the NBA again. It’s heavy. There are things you can’t do. I’m not judging, I’ve made a bunch of mistakes myself, but if it all comes out it could be very hot for him.

Already very worrying on the subjectRecently, he who changed his tune after initially defending the tactician, the former Warrior clearly hints that the latter has very difficult weeks ahead of him. On the side of Internet users, however, there is a simple question. What really happened? Because judging by the words of Barnes, we are moving more and more towards a legal offense, even a crime according to them. Something to also ask questions about Boston politics:

If it’s as bad as Barnes suggests…why would the Celtics suspend him for a season instead of firing him outright?

They talk like the guy committed murder lol, we want to know

How far does the Ime Udoka scandal go? We are seriously entitled to ask ourselves the question, after the last outing of Matt Barnes. However, he is right on one point: the former Spurs assistant will have a hard time finding a job in the NBA.

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