NBA Frank Ntilikina va-t-il rester aux Mavs ?

“When he chose Frank Ntilikina, he lost all ounce of credibility”



Much appreciated in the Mavericks community today, Frank Ntilikina still retains a bad image with other fans. A famous US analyst, for example, has still not digested the fact that he benefited from the confidence of a legend!

Jamal Crawford, Rudy Gay, Andre Miller, Detlef Schrempf, Robert Parish: they all have one thing in common, which they share with Frank Ntilikina. Also selected in 8th position of their respective Draft, they subsequently signed a remarkable career on the NBA floors. For the time being, however, it is difficult for the French leader to compare with his illustrious predecessors on this point.

Surrounded by high expectations upon his arrival at the Knicks, the “French Prince” immediately inherited this nickname, before having a hard time assuming it on the field. Left free at the end of his rookie contract, he only has a record of 55 games played as a starter in New York, and has not left a memorable image on the spot. The proof, with the recent remarks of one of the most famous fans of the franchise.

Stephen A. Smith’s big tackle for Frank Ntilikina

Today a Mavericks player, Ntilikina could see one of his Draft comrades soon take over at the Knicks. Indeed, Donovan Mitchell is the subject of intensive canvassing from the New York front office, who notably proposed a package centered around Evan Fournier. Enough to delight Stephen A. Smith, who was happy to massacre his team once again for having preferred Frankie Smokes to Spida!

Ladies and gentlemen, Donovan Mitchell is a star. I will never speak well of Phil Jackson again because he let him through the Draft and chose Frank Ntilikina. He lost any shred of credibility at that point for me, even though he was an 11-time champion. I think Phil Jackson should be banned from New York after what he did with that pick. (…) Donovan Mitchell is the man the Knicks should have drafted, and they have to get him back.

If it seems obvious today that Mitchell represented the best choice at the time, very clever would have been the one who could predict it with certainty in 2017. Indeed, in addition to Ntilikina, most observers expected to see the Knicks select Dennis Smith Jr. or Malik Monk with their pick. Mitchell, he saw himself rather announced beyond the Top 10, before being obtained by the Jazz via Denver in 13th position.

Be that as it may, rare are the executives who have never made a mistake during the big lottery. Phil Jackson, on the other hand, has had little success in the exercise, he who also took the gamble of attracting Kristaps Porzingis with the 4th pick in 2015. No wonder, therefore, that Smith placed him on his list black, even if he could have spared Ntilikina in the affair!

Hyped by the possible arrival of Donovan Mitchell at the Knicks, Stephen A. Smith did not miss the opportunity to once again drag Phil Jackson through the mud for his choice of drafter Frank Ntilikina. A Monday like any other, finally, on the set of First Take !

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