What if HR experts were also marketing experts?

What if HR experts were also marketing experts?



More and more companies are capitalizing on the employee experience (one in two in 2021, i.e. twice as many as in 2019, according to the 5th edition of the national barometer of the employee experience of Parlons RH published in March 2022), And it is not a hazard. In the current context of profound change in working methods and employee needs, the employee experience is, along with the employer brand, one of the main levers of attractiveness and integration, commitment and sustainable retention of employees. “talent”.

For HR experts, this means considering candidates and employees as “internal” customers. And thus to draw inspiration from techniques, vocabulary and processes hitherto confined to marketing to satisfy them, make them grow and retain them (we speak of “symmetry of attention” in the jargon). To succeed in a competitive job market, “HR must now analyze and manage the life cycle of the employee like marketing that of the customer”confirms Mohamed Zaghou, Product Marketing Director at Cegid, a global player in cloud management solutions for HR. “More than a reality, today it is a necessity. »

HR marketing: multiple challenges and benefits

The “talents”, in particular young graduates eager for autonomy and meaning in the exercise of their profession, are sensitive to the image, values ​​and vision of the company as much as to its mode of management. , its HR practices (career and skills management) and its CSR. By relying on proven marketing methods and tools, HR marketing makes it possible to better work on the employer brand and the employee experience.

In practice, the approach facilitates the omnichannel promotion of the HR promise (particularly the employer value proposition), the segmentation of audiences for targeted communication and relevant feedback, the individualization of the HR service offer for an employee experience optimized, the valorization of the DNA (the history, the culture, the raison d’être…) and of the human project of the company… “Applied to recruitment, for example, the marketing funnel consists of detailing each step followed by the candidate and associated with a conversion rate, between the moment when he becomes familiar with the employer brand and when he applies. This allows HR experts to identify any dysfunctions in the process to improve it and ultimately maximize the chances of hiring the most appropriate talent.”explains Mohamed Zaghou.

Digital solutions at the service of HR marketing

Lever of HR productivity and innovation, HR marketing is gradually imposing itself in organizations and mentalities. It remains to practice it effectively. “To help them, HR experts can rely on agile, intelligent and scalable digital solutions such as the Cegid Talentsoft suite. It automates a large number of processes, from talent acquisition and management to training. Thanks to the multiposting functionality, for example, the recruiter can distribute his job offers on the principle of a digital marketing operation”observes Mohamed Zaghou.

Another application appreciated for its performance and ergonomics, Cegid Wittyfit can measure employees’ job satisfaction and stress levels in real time. “It operates around a virtuous loop which, from the capture of feelings to ideation, makes it possible to go all the way to the action plan”underline its creators. “Thanks to Cegid Wittyfit, you can better understand your teams’ engagement levers and irritants”, rejoices Hervé Constant, DSI at GRTGaz. Clearly, for Mohamed Zaghou, “the time has come for HR experts to take full advantage of digital to refocus on the essentials, namely human support”.

The 3 fundamental challenges of HR marketing

1. Create value by promoting the employer brand to its internal (employees) and external (candidates) “clients”.

2. Capture – and retain – new talent to profiles adapted to the needs of the company from an attractive, true and differentiating HR offer.

3. Boost engagement and satisfaction employees thanks to an optimized individualized employee experience.


62% companies that practice the employee experience do not have a solution to systematically collect the feelings of employees.

5th edition of the national employee experience barometer by Parlons RH (March 2022).

Find out more about Cegid Talentsoft and Cegid Wittyfit solutions: cegid.com/fr/management-human-resources/

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