What are the reasons for doing a bachelor's degree in marketing at INSEEC?

What are the reasons for doing a bachelor’s degree in marketing at INSEEC?



At a time when competition is fierce, companies are often looking for qualified profiles to promote their products, services and services. Thus, being trained in the field of marketing is a good idea to quickly find a job. In France, there are a multitude of schools offering courses leading to a degree in marketing.

Why do a bachelor’s degree in marketing with the INSEEC training center?

However, you have to know how to choose your establishment and course to achieve your goals. This article invites you to discover the reasons for doing a bachelor’s degree in marketing with the INSEEC training center. Read instead!

Highly professional training

A dynamic and creative sector, marketing offers a wide variety of professions. To access it, you can do a bachelor’s degree in marketing at INSEEC. It is indeed a large business school of the OMNES EDUCATION group. By enrolling in this centre, you will be able to take advantage of professional training that will allow you to acquire the skills necessary to impose yourself on the labor market.

By preparing for your marketing bachelor’s degree at the INSEEC training center, you will be able to complete an initial training with an internship period ranging from 5 to 6 months during the third year. If you want, you can also follow a work-study program. It is indeed an interesting option for easily integrating the world of business and gaining valuable professional experience. In any case, you will have the necessary to obtain a professional qualification which will allow you to find work quickly after your training.

Many opportunities at the end of the training

After obtaining your marketing bachelor’s degree at INSEEC, you can consider continuing your studies to specialize in a field that particularly interests you. Depending on your desires and your professional project, you can start a specific course in a school of fashion, video games or do a master’s degree in sports marketing. Whatever your choice, you will be able to claim many jobs at the end of your course.

If you want, you can become a consultant, marketing project manager, product manager, marketing research manager, marketing and communication manager, digital marketing manager, etc. Depending on your ambitions, you can evolve alone or in an agency. In any case, your bachelor’s degree in marketing with the INSEEC training center will offer you various work opportunities. At the end of your course, you will have everything you need to enjoy a challenging, rewarding and fulfilling career.

An ideal training for an open career abroad

If you have good interpersonal skills that you want to put to the benefit of companies, marketing is your professional universe. Indeed, this sector offers you many opportunities to express your talents. Thanks to your training in bachelor marketing, you will be able to acquire useful notions to set up an infallible marketing strategy. Knowing that communication plays a major role in a marketing career, specialized schools offer carefully defined programs to better equip students.

The marketing bachelor is a diploma allowing to consider an international career. Indeed, during your training at INSEEC, you receive courses in English. This learning will allow you to have a solid foundation for applying for jobs directly related to your profile anywhere in the world.

It should be noted that the bachelor’s degree program includes management and international marketing modules. The idea is to help you give an international dimension to your career. So, if you do not get a job in your country at the end of your training, you can look elsewhere.

An ideal choice to earn attractive salaries

In general, marketing positions guarantee attractive salaries. If you hold a diploma issued by a school like INSEEC, you can earn a gross salary ranging from 25,000 to 35,000 euros per year, depending on the position you hold. It should be noted that confirmed positions such as that of merchandising manager or product manager can earn between 30,000 and 38,000 €. With the experience gained within the company, you can be promoted to a position of category manager or regional sales manager. You can then claim an annual salary ranging from 40,000 to 45,000 euros.

In summary, doing a bachelor’s degree in marketing with INSEEC offers many advantages. Do not hesitate to register!

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