What are the different ways to finance your business?

What are the different ways to finance your business?



Among the companies that are created every day, very few will hold the bet of the duration. Indeed, the figures show that only a third of them will survive the three-year mark. In question, many difficulties in making its mark on an increasingly competitive market, in particular because of financing problems. Discover in this article different ways to finance your business.

State/Regional aid

Contrary to what one might think, ways to finance your business are numerous and diverse. Why not start by exploring state or local aid? Indeed, financial aid in the form of grants or loans for business creation refers in particular to aid for business creation, the agricultural orientation premium, the regional employment premium, the business creation, interest-free loans without guarantees, etc.


If the public authorities put in place many incentive measures to support young companies, you must also have equity to finance your company. It will therefore be necessary to use your savings, the money of your loved ones (love money), or solicit lending organizations by offering a substantial guarantee, most often real estate. Equity increases your credibility with banks and investors, who will certainly not want to commit to your project beyond the funds you bring to the table yourself.


This method consists in opening your capital to potential investors, in order to increase it considerably and sustainably finance your activities. It is a method of financing very popular with innovative start-ups, with great future value. Investors receive shares in the project, based on their equity stake. To this end, it is essential to properly calculate the value of the funds to be sought, in order to have sufficient resources for the development of your business, while maintaining control. Do not hesitate to be accompanied by professionals like Ayomi to raise funds faster.


Still called Crowdfunding, crowdfunding allows you to obtain, through a dedicated platform, funding from a large audience, outside of institutional financial circuits. This method of financing represents a good alternative for young companies experiencing difficulties in accessing bank loans. the crowdfunding may take the form of a loan (with or without interest), a subscription for securities, or a gift which may involve some consideration.

The bank loan

This is the classic mode of business financing. While this mode is well suited to well-established companies on the market with several years of experience, young companies often have great difficulty in attracting bankers. Indeed, they generally do not have sufficient guarantees to convince banking institutions of the viability of their project or of the strong growth potential of their business. Many entrepreneurs therefore resort to alternative options, and there is a good variety of them.

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