What are the careers of the future in the marketing sector?

What are the careers of the future in the marketing sector?



Since the rise of digital, the world of marketing has undergone a small revolution. Many professions have emerged. The sector had to reinvent itself and the process is still ongoing. There are therefore great training needs. Review of the professions of tomorrow in the world of marketing.

The SEO consultant

Google has become a showcase for many sectors of the economy, in particular e-commerce sites which have multiplied in recent years. To be able to promote the visibility of a site on search engines and allow the best referencing, using an SEO and SEA consultant is a wise choice. He will then carry out an audit of the company’s platform and will deploy the best strategy to bring the site up on the search engines. In particular, he will analyze the architecture of the site.

Among the structures that train students in this sector, we find INSEEC. It is a business school of the OMNES EDUCATION group. It trains in particular in management, commerce, marketing, communication, finance, real estate and digital. Many students do work-study courses. You can do a bachelor’s degree in marketing there. A very dense training that allows you to benefit from solid skills and to give yourself the best chances of finding a job on leaving.

The Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager is the man who defines the digital strategy on social networks with a precise editorial line. Today, nothing is left to chance in terms of digital communication. It must be said that the missions of the people in charge of social networks have become considerably denser and more complex. The reason ? The increasingly important place of these networking platforms in the daily life of French men and women.

Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, Snapchat… The social networks on which the Social Media Manager must put content are numerous. Consumers are spending more and more time there. It is also necessary to respond to requests and comments from users. Often, Community Managers are also responsible for monitoring a company’s e-reputation and avoiding, at all costs, the Bad Buzz, that is to say a wave of negative comments. This can damage the image of a company and have a strong impact on turnover. This is a position with responsibilities.

On social networks, it is also possible to carry out targeted advertising campaigns. This is a valuable asset for companies that can organize campaigns in a very fine way with fairly significant fallout. The Social Media Manager has become a centerpiece in the organization of a company’s communication strategy. A growing marketing budget is dedicated to social networks.

The data scientist

The Data Scientist is an expert in data. Data is often said to be the oil of the 21st century, a resource that allows businesses to grow. Today, it is possible to very finely target potential customers to sell a product. It is the data scientists who are responsible for developing the most detailed databases possible to carry out, for example, e-mailing campaigns and soliciting potential customers.

The data scientist is a statistician, expert in data analysis. Thus, he will intervene upstream of the decision-making phase, to which he provides a certain amount of advice. Its place has become quite strategic. The data scientist must have an analytical mind and an ability to make the information collected intelligible. These data experts also work with many service providers who sometimes provide very detailed bases. These databases can be sold quite expensive especially when they are very qualified on a market segment.

e-commerce manager

In recent years, e-commerce stores have multiplied on the net. The digitization of the economy requires qualified profiles who must be able to bring consumers to the act of purchase! The manager of an e-commerce site must define a clear marketing strategy, to increase the number of visits and sales.

Depending on the size of the company, he may have several people to assist him in this mission. Among the tools available to the e-commerce manager, there may be the sending of a newsletter, advertising on sites but also partnerships with influencers. Digital marketing is booming. Influencers have prescriptive power over their community and often work in partnership with companies to promote products or services.

Thus, the marketing professions are essential cogs in the smooth running of many companies. These are also professions in constant transformation.

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