what are its key elements in B2B?

what are its key elements in B2B?



Wondering what tool to add to your marketing arsenal to attract more leads and sales? You no longer know in which words to praise the merits of your products or services? You could pass the microphone to your customers in a testimonial video.

Spotlight on this marketing tool to attract the attention of your prospects, gain their trust and convince them more easily!

The appeal of real facts and social proof for your marketing

Creating a customer testimonial video provides an opportunity to show your brand and offering from a new perspective, leveraging the strength of social proof. This principle means that the undecided rely more on the opinions of others. This type of authentic story therefore inspires more confidence than an advertisement. You give the floor to a company that shares its experience and its point of view on your collaboration, your products or services.

A video testimonial is not a documentary or an advertisement, but an engaging way to convey the experience of your customers… to your prospects!

This marketing tool allows you to guide your potential customers on the way to their customer journey, ideally until the sale. In video form, your testimonial benefits from all the advantages of this type of content: it is therefore engaging, easy to listen to and shares well. So many success factors.

What to say in your customer testimonial video?

Remember the basics of a good story and the principles of storytelling: who, what, how and why. Pay particular attention to the following four aspects.

The context

Who is the person in your spotlight (company role, job experience, etc.)? This factor of realism contributes to the credibility of the content: briefly introduce your satisfied customer to humanize their testimony. Your prospects will then be able to identify themselves better.

The challenge

What issue or dissatisfaction led her to you? Listeners may have the same issue, which will make it easier to connect and make them want to learn more about your offering.

The why (we choose you)

Have other solutions been tried without success in the past? What aspect or what argument of your offer convinced the company? What do you have to offer that others don’t? Emphasize this aspect, which is the main persuasive lever of the video (with the next point!).

This marketing tool aims to encourage your prospects to trust you by giving them a real insight into what it is like to collaborate with you. It addresses the emotions of your targets (yes, yes, emotion also has its place in B2B!) in order to make them more receptive to your sales pitch. In other words, shine your customer benefitsnot the characteristics of your products or services.

The obtained results

What industry standard(s) have been improved by your product or service? How has their work been simplified since the implementation of your solution? Be careful to stay in the customer experience and not get too involved in the details of the “how”: keep these important details for your case studieswhich play a different role in the sales journey.

What are the key ingredients of a successful testimonial video?

  1. The preparation. Avoid improvisation during filming (which can undermine the professional side of the video) without scripting the testimony too much, at the risk of sounding false. Prepare questions in advance and share them with future interviewees.
  2. Authenticity. In the same vein, use the words of your customers to talk about their experiences and rely on sincere emotions to convince your prospects. After all, a video testimonial focuses on people!
  3. Brevity. The optimal length? 90 to 120 seconds, or no more than 3 minutes. Your listeners are bombarded with content: you need to cut to the chase. The challenge is knowing which aspects to focus on, since you won’t be able to cover everything.
  4. The details. Capitalize on the richness of the experience by avoiding questions answered simply by a yes or a no and insist on the feelings of your client – ​​frustration experienced at the start, confusion about the possibilities, relief at having found your solution, etc. .
  5. The visual. No need to make a stopover in Hollywood, but it is better to opt for professional equipment to create a testimonial video that looks good. You could also add some numbers or stats and text to the image to highlight certain wins and energize the whole thing.

Pro Tip: To get relevant testimonials, quickly follow up with your satisfied customers. By preventing too much time from passing after a company calls on you, your potential witnesses remember their positive experience well. And remember: not all companies provide good material for a customer testimonial video: their story should be compelling and catchy.

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Focus on the customer experience to make your business shine

The next step? Consider distributing your testimonial video. Sharing on social media, setting up an advertising campaign, creating a testimonial section on your website or distributing via a landing page?

To add this marketing tool to your sales strategy, to give you a boost with your content or to support you in filming a powerful client testimonial, our team is always ready to say “action!”: let’s start the discussion.

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