La superstar NBA des Phoenix Suns, Chris Paul, s'est indirectement moquée des Los Angeles Lakers de son ami LeBron James lors de sa dernière sortie médiatique

” We ? We don’t give a fuck about the Lakers and the Suns”



Already important last year, the competition which is announced in the Western conference should prove to be even more raised in the coming months. Nothing to worry about a rival star of the Lakers or the Suns, convinced that his team can dominate them!

In addition to the Warriors who will seek to defend their title, the candidates for the Larry O’Brien trophy want to be numerous in the West. Grizzlies, Mavericks, Clippers, Grizzlies, Lakers, Mavericks, Pelicans, Suns, Timberwolves: everyone will a priori have a card to play in the conference. Without forgetting the Nuggets, who will once again be able to count on Jamal Murray, who seems to have fully recovered from his big left knee injury:

Jamal Murray fearless against big fish in the West

Absent since April 12, 2021 and a ruptured anterior ligament contracted against Golden State, Murray could return from the preseason with Denver, and therefore be present for the first game of his franchise. All without showing any backlash following his long period of unavailability. In any case, this is what he says in a recent interview with Kane Pitman fromESPN :

I feel like I improved during that time when I wasn’t there. I may not be jumping as high as I used to now, but I feel like I’m a better passer, see things better, be faster, and shoot more effectively. I’m just looking to add all that to my game, and to prepare for the conditions that await me in a match, in front of a full hall.

Confident about his post-injury level, the star leader does not show more reservations when speaking about that of his team. Aware that the latter can compete with any opponent with a full squad, he makes it clear in a cash way:

I do not care. I don’t care what other people have. I know we have a very good team. Everyone knows what we’re capable of, everyone’s seen bits and pieces of what we’re capable of when we’re all healthy, so we can’t wait to show it off. We don’t give a fuck about the Lakers, the Suns and what they have. We just want to stay healthy to do what we can do.

It is therefore better not to underestimate the Nuggets as the new season approaches, otherwise the Canadian international will be greatly annoyed!

If he himself admits having lost a bit of jump during his long absence from the NBA floors, Jamal Murray has indeed retained his confidence. Evidenced by his speech on the Nuggets, who have nothing to envy to their prestigious competitors according to him!

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