Voyage d'affaires aux USA : ESTA

Voyage d’affaires aux USA : ESTA



The United States is a destination that is as stimulating for business as it is demanding in terms of regulations. Whether you’re planning a trip for yourself or for your employees, here are a few things to know so you don’t stay on the tarmac.

Legal obligations and authorizations – ESTA USA and Visa waiver program

Traveling for business cannot be improvised: beyond your program and your professional objectives, you must plan the journey and the stay according to material obligations, but above all essential legal and regulatory issues. start with ensure that the duration of your stay remains less than 90 consecutive days and remains within the limit of the 180 cumulative days authorized in the year. Beyond that, you fall into the category of expats Where detached.

In the United States, as in many other countries, the obligation of a visa was essential to control the whole of the immigration. Simpler, safer and faster, ESTA (Electronic system for travel authorization) is a program that allows nationals of around thirty friendly countries, including France, to benefit from exemption. Provided you follow the procedure via a complete form, but also certain additional and complementary rules.

“Our site is designed by professionals who offer to accompany you from your request for authorization until your return from a business trip. Multiple tips help you check your eligibility and find out about the latest regulatory updates. A digital booklet and an assistance service will guide you step by step through the process. It is a way of satisfying and derogating from the legal constraints for entering the USA. ” tells us one of the managers of France ESTA.

Safety and health provisions

ESTA you identify and control that you are unknown to federal state and intelligence databases. While President Biden has rescinded a few executive orders totally banning the entry of certain Middle Eastern and African nationals, he did not repeal the 2015 law which imposes a visa on usually exempt persons who have traveled to one of the countries concerned. Check that you are not in this case before applying for ESTA.

Since November 8, 2021, you can again travel for business on American territory: the entry ban put in place more than two years ago has finally been lifted. However, you will have to produce your health pass as well as a negative test result taken at least one day before your departure (note: on the date of publication of 05/17/22, this regulation is in force). Follow the barrier gestures that will be prescribed to you during your journey and your stay as well as their possible modifications.

All of these provisions require you to carry out checks well in advance of your trip. The ESTA form includes many personal and professional questions including your destination in the USA. In addition to the certificate you will obtain, you must be in possession of your valid electronic or biometric passport (for at least six months), your return plane ticket and a means of payment proving your creditworthiness.

Meet the deadlines and obtain your ESTA authorization

You are advised tosubmit your request online within 72 hours of your departure. This is to ensure that the information provided always corresponds to your situation. Otherwise, your ESTA authorization will be invalidated and you will have to submit an updated request again. In any case, know that the response is very fast, and positive most of the time if you have taken into consideration the deadlines and covered your back.

If, despite everything, you are afraid of not being on time, in the notorious case of a last-minute trip, you can resort to an emergency delivery. Accessible via a sub-menu of the site, it is subject to an even faster processing and response time and can be assigned within the hour. Finally, in case of refusal, you can as a last resort apply for a temporary visa and plead your case with the embassy or consulate.

At the end of your steps, you get online authorization valid for two years, unless your passport expires prematurely, which you can, as a precaution, plan to redo before your application. Always print your certificate so that it can be easily accessible and searchable. If you lose or cannot find your proof, the France ESTA website provides you with a form to download it and print it again.

“The number and specificity of the regulations at the US borders should encourage you to be assisted in your procedures by professionals so as not to omit anything and not to compromise your trip. By using a service provider, you ensure support and follow-up, verification of your form before submission, a response in just a few hours and lifetime access to your documents. concludes the expert.

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