Le prodige français Victor Wembanyama a dévoilé ses deux joueurs NBA favoris, tout en rendant hommage à son compatriote Rudy Gobert

Victor Wembanyama reveals his two favorite players… and dubs Rudy Gobert!



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Focused on basketball and its development on the court, Victor Wembanyama rarely appears behind a microphone. However, this was the case on Monday, and the French prodigy took the opportunity to unveil his favorite NBA stars… while praising Rudy Gobert!

Like Kylian Mbappé a few years ago, he is one of those talents to whom it is better not to talk about age. Victor Wembanyama, too, did not wait to celebrate his 18th birthday to splash his talent on the pitch. Discovered by the general public almost two years ago, the young French interior appears today as the big prospect of the planet, and is inspired by the greatest to assume the hype that already surrounds it.

Victor Wembanyama in love with NBA freaks

Announced as the 1st pick of the 2023 NBA Draft for several months now, Wembanyama knows that he still needs to improve in many areas to dominate in the league. And for that, what better than to study the best players of the American circuit? The Metropolitans prodigy has obviously understood this, and recently said at the microphone ofESPN that he takes his example from his two favorite stars, with a profile similar to his:

I would hate the fact that my game only came close to that of a single player. I think that would be showing a lack of ambition. But if I have to say the two who come closest to it, it would be Giannis and KD. Those two are my favorite players, actually.

Given his unique physique, and its size that fuels all fantasiesWembz is logically more sensitive to such freaks.

When they arrived in the NBA, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant also displayed a skinny morphology, and managed to adapt to the requirements of the big league. Victor will obviously want to do the same in a few months, just like a certain Rudy Gobert before him. Launched on his French compatriot, he also considered him as another model to follow, big compliment as a bonus!

Journalist : Is there a bit of Rudy Gobert in you too, defensively?

Victor Wembanyama: Yeah yeah. In fact, I want to be the best of all time in several areas, including defense. So yeah, Rudy Gobert, for sure. It’s the best in it right now.

A great fan of Giannis Antetokounmpo and Kevin Durant, Victor Wembanyama has not forgotten Rudy Gobert, whose defensive impact is a great source of inspiration for him. Let’s hope he meets similar success to that of these three stars in the NBA!

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