Le prodige français de la LDLC Asvel, Victor Wembanyama, futur joueur NBA, a posé dans une photo virale avec une star française

“Victor Wembanyama can become the GOAT”



The years go by on the NBA planet, and the GOAT debate remains anchored in the discussions of fans and analysts. This should not change anytime soon, since according to a reputable journalist, Victor Wembanyama could well land in the race for the supreme title!

Following the retirement of Michael Jordan, it seemed very unlikely that the historical hierarchy would be quickly upset by a new UFO. And yet, LeBron James has perfectly followed in the footsteps of His Airness, and would apply today according to some for the title of GOAT. But as his career draws to a close, who could be his successor in the matter? Nick Wright has positioned himself in this file.

In his podcast What’s Wright?, the famous American analyst indeed evoked the various current stars who seem able to climb in the all-time rankings, and to reach the heights within a few years. In his eyes, only one player would be able to get on the podium and get first place, namely… Giannis Antetokounmpo :

Is an active player capable of becoming the GOAT? The answer for Steph (Curry) is no. He doesn’t have enough time left. I don’t think Luka (Doncic) can either. (…) Only one guy is capable of it: Giannis. I wouldn’t put a glass ceiling on its potential. If he wins enough titles and awards, and has the longevity I predict, his potential is of course to become the GOAT!

Victor Wembanyama, the future GOAT in power?!

Thanks to his dominance both offensively and defensively, and the many years still ahead of him at only 27, Giannis indeed appears to be a prime contender for GOAT status, or at least a place in the Top 10 all-time. . However, according to Wright, he could quickly face competition from another European freak: Victor Wembanyama!

But… There is “Big Vic”, the 2m20 French kid! Keep an eye on him, because he can become one too!

Already considered the greatest prospect in history across the Atlantic, Wembz is the subject of many fantasies on the spot. To the point of being already mentioned in the discussion of the GOAT! If he wishes to honor these words, the great French hope will first have to settle his physical concerns, which already earned him some big disappointments.

New nickname as a bonus, Nick Wright therefore sees Victor Wembanyama capable of competing with the greatest players in history for the title of GOAT. One thing is certain: it is in any case not its immense potential that will prevent it!

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