Austin Reaves et LeBron James

Victor Wembanyama badly snubbed by a Lakers player!



Las Vegas is the center of the planet basketball at the moment, since several NBA franchises are doing their preseason there and Victor Wembanyama is also present with his Metropolitans. A Lakers player, on site, still snubbed the future of the league…

Like every season, the NBA has decided to relocate certain preseason meetings with the aim of conquering new markets, but also to test certain cities likely to host a franchise in the years to come. After the Warriors and Wizards trip to Japan, the Bucks and Hawks are currently in Abu Dhabi for two games.

The Lakers are also affected by this change of framework, but they did not have to cross the world, they are indeed doing their preseason in Las Vegas. LeBron James also took the opportunity to put a big push to Adam Silver about the team that should soon see the light of day in Nevada. He wants to become an owner and the league doesn’t really have a choice…

Austin Reaves snubs Victor Wembanyama and Scoot Henderson

But right now in Sin City, the No. 1 attraction is not the presence of the Purple and Gold, but that of Victor Wembanyama, the future No. 1 in Draft. After his box against the Suns, LeBron James did not hesitate to do ultimate compliment to the young french, proof that it already catches the eye of the greatest. Austin Reaves could not do the same, however, since he had much more important things on the program than watching the duel between the Mets and G League Ignite.

While several NBA players present in Vegas went to see Victor Wembenyama and Scoot Henderson, Austin Reaves was not in the stands: “I saw the highlights of the match. They are talented. But I was playing blackjack. I probably shouldn’t have, but I played a little.

Present in Las Vegas with his Lakers for the preseason, Austin Reaves decided not to follow the summit meeting between Victor Wembenyama and Scoot Henderson, he preferred to spend his evening at the casino to spend a little of the million dollars he should touch this season. He would be wrong to deprive himself, especially since he should soon touch the jackpot.

Because this Wednesday, against the vengeful Suns after their defeat against an Australian team, the leader / rear of the Lakers was excellent. He finished the game with 6 points, 9 assists, 7 rebounds, 3 steals and 2 blocks, which should give him a good place in the rotation and a few tens of millions next summer. He will be able to spend lavishly at blackjack, and it will be deserved.

Austin Reaves was very much to his advantage during the game against the Suns, proof that he did not let himself be trapped by the many distractions of Las Vegas. He preferred to play than to see the future of the league on the floor, but he did not commit excesses.

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