USA: elle doit prouver son rôle de maman, une Algérienne lance un appel

USA: elle doit prouver son rôle de maman, une Algérienne lance un appel



You surely remember Sabrina Ould Matouk, this Algerian mother living in the USA. Who had a hard time last May, away from his son. As a reminder, while she was doing her usual shopping, Sabrina left her child in her car. A gesture that did not go unnoticed by the American authorities.

Indeed, this Algerian mother was arrested on the spot and is being prosecuted for endangering the lives of others, in this case that of her son Owen. Thus, she found herself in police custody for more than 24 hours. And this, despite his critical state of health.

As for Owen, the latter was placed at the CPS in the child protection service. Results ? a child deprived of the arms of his mother, who unfortunately can only see him once a week. In addition, the Algerian diaspora but also those close to Sabrina have launched an initiative; on social media for fundraising to allow Sabrina to appoint lawyers to recover Owen.

To recover her son, Sabrina launches an appeal to collect the testimonies

Today, the mother of the latter is once again asking his relatives. Indeed, on social networks, she calls for people who can help her. And this, by testifying in his favor. To get her son back, Sabrina needs testimonials from people about his behavior in everyday life; in order to present them at his next trial, on Wednesday June 22, 2022.

Always through her social networks, Owen’s mother begs her acquaintances to come to her aid and testify on her behalf. The more testimonials there are, the greater the chance.

Depressed, at her wit’s end, Sabrina spoke to mothers living in the United States of America. Indeed, she tried to sensitize them with regard to the ways and the way of treating their children. And this, to avoid falling into the same fate as her. “A trivial gesture that it is … can cost you dearly” she says on her social networks.

Of course, Owen’s mom did not stay long without support. She received many messages but also letters of recommendation, such as show of solidarity from his relatives. Pending the decision of the next trial, Sabrina can only count on the support of these people, to hope to regain custody of her son Owen.

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