, la plateforme qui veut fédérer les sports extrêmes, la plateforme qui veut fédérer les sports extrêmes



The extreme sports community has seen the arrival of a new actor with major ambitions: the social network. The project is led by Tony Trancard, an entrepreneur passionate about extreme sports. ” It is a social network for the general public, he told us. It’s an Instagram like or a Twitter like. A network where you can follow enthusiasts, riders. A place where you can post photos and videos. The difference is that we are nestled on extreme sports, there are no beauty bloggers or conspiracy theorists. »

The platform is accessible on mobile, tablet and computer. Tricks. social comes in the form of a classic social network, where you can post content in different forms: text, photo or video. The app also bundles more professional extreme sports content. It includes news articles, announcements or reports of events. For sports enthusiasts, advice on equipment is offered by the community. The application is also equipped with an interactive map, “”, which provides information on the different places of practice. Tricks Social is designed as an entire ecosystem dedicated to extreme sports.

Tony Trancard wants to impose his platform as the new compass of the extreme sports ecosystem. To do this, specifically addresses different types of users: Our network caters to the entire extreme sports industry. We have a Business to Business offer for brands, clubs or events. There is a consumer version for amateurs and enthusiasts. We also have a version for professional riders who will have access to more features than ordinary users. »

A specific business model

To carry out its project, the team sought funding from various sources: “ We have already raised funds from a bank. We also used crowdfunding on the Ulule platform “. To ensure the future sustainability of, Tony Trancard has set up a complex economic model: “ We will be on 2 euros per month for classic users. For professionals, the application becomes free from the moment they are validated. Brands will have the ability to bulk buy accounts. They will be able to redistribute these accounts to their employees, associates and partners. The brand can distribute even more specific content to those who receive these accounts, such as surveys or targeted advertisements. »

Usually, more traditional social networks base their business model on advertising. They hold a virtual monopoly on this source of income on the Internet. However, this is not a desirable economic model for Tony Trancard: ” On the application, there will be zero advertising, we will not capitalize on that, but rather on the qualitative content. »

Multiple ambitions

Tony Trancard knows that the challenge awaiting him is great. When the competition is called Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, it can be defined as fierce. To face these behemoths, intends to distinguish itself as much as possible in order to highlight an offer available nowhere else. ” We are here to position ourselves as a broadcaster of quality content. With us the content will be more qualitative than on other platforms where the content is drowned among many other publications “explains Trancard.

Beyond the competition with its peers, the young social network must first convince the extreme sports community, its primary target. An ambition that Tony Trancard displays without hiding: “ The goal of the project is to unite the entire extreme sports industry on a community platform. We are not journalists, we are not here to create content, but we are a platform that brings together content and creators “. In its quest to establish itself in its universe, has already achieved notable success. The platform was one of the partners of FISE 2022 and the BMX World Cup at the end of May in Montpellier.


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