Trend Report: Gen Z’s popular themes on Instagram in 2022



Instagram releases its first Trend Report edition. The report is based on the analysis of the topics that will interest Gen Z in 2022.

The first edition of Instagram’s analytics report

The report, based on a survey by YPulse, reveals the popular themes likely to be all the rage with Gen Z in 2022. 1,200 social media users in the United States, all aged 13 to 24 years old were questioned. Instagram tries to better understand users and their desiresthe network states as follows: “We tapped into the minds of Gen Z to learn more about Instagram’s growing trends, in categories such as music, fashion, designers and celebrities, beauty and social justice. From redefining how they approach education and the idea of ​​’career’, to maximalist fashion statements, these forward-looking young people are constantly creating the reality they want to live in.

Trend Report thus reveals the 10 hot topics of 2022 on Instagram.

1/ Fashion and beauty

According to YPulse, 50% teenagers and young adults will focus on the alternate mode by 2022. In addition, 1 in 3 young people pays particular attention to the composition of beauty and make-up products. They will therefore be more interested in natural and vegan cosmetics.

2/ Shopping

Since the appearance of many features on the various social networks, 27% of Gen Z expects to experience a in-app shopping experience from the platform. Furthermore, 23% of respondents want to buy second-hand clothes and 24% want to participate in a eco-responsible consumption by reselling their clothes via social networks or dedicated sites. Here are the 5 flagship hashtags in the category: #shopsmall, #shoplocal, #shopsmallbusinesses, #shopsmallfirst and #sustainablefashion.

3/ Music and dance

Music and dance are becoming more democratic more and more on the networks and help users to share their creativity and authenticity. 70% of them would thus like to discover more new titles and artists and 1 of 3 would love to watch more dance.

4/ Celebrities and creators

83% of teens and young adults believe that content creators have as much influence as the influencers themselves and 4 out of 5 say that they have more influence than celebrities such as actors or singers.

5/ Career and education

For this category, 90% of respondents believe that most education comes from life experiences. 68% say that “work is what I should do but not the most important thing in my life”. On the other hand, 71% say “I prefer meaningful work, even if it means less pay”.

6/ Food

Many students make up Generation Z. Recipes are multiplying on the web as well as authentic tips and techniques to prepare good inexpensive meals. More’1 out of 4 respondents want to bake their own bread or even try exotic recipes. 4 hashtags thus emerge from this category: #food, #comfortfood, #veganfoodie, #foodbloger.

7/ Well-being

Gen Z are realizing the importance of Mental Health. Thus, she wishes to improve her daily life through physical and/or creative activities. 1 in 3 young people wishes to participate in physical activities, such as guided meditation while 1 in 4 young people plans to practice drawing, painting and other creative arts.

8/ Gaming

Gaming is becoming an increasingly important part of the lives of young adults. Its entertaining side allows this young generation to escape for a moment. 3 out of 10 respondents would like to see more live streams and 1 out of 5 expect to see virtual reality concerts and live new experiences.

9/ Memes

The humorous and twisted tone of memes appeals to many young adults who wish, for 29%foresee more creation of funny memes.

10/ Social justice

52% of respondents say they follow accounts on social justice as well as informational accounts on activism. On the other hand, 37% plan to support worthy causes by participating financially.

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