Travis Etienne (Jaguars) : « J’adorerais jouer comme Deebo Samuel »

Travis Etienne (Jaguars) : « J’adorerais jouer comme Deebo Samuel »



The Jaguars running back is back and has ambitions.

Travis Etienne is entering his second NFL season. But he has never stepped on NFL lawns in the regular season, as he broke his foot at the very start of his first campaign.

While the Jaguars have changed coaching staff, the offensive games will however not change too much compared to the previous coaching. Like them, they also used Etienne as a receiver during the first practices, according to CBS Sports.

For Etienne, this versatility will be key.

“If I’m told to go to such a position and we have good matchups, we have to perform and produce. So it’s my job to do as much as possible and add value to this team. »

And when it comes to versatility, there’s a comparison that comes naturally.

“Football is about confrontation, so if I can be a player like Deebo Samuel, I’m going to love it. Honestly, this game is a production game. If you can produce, the team will always need you. I will do everything to try to be the best I can be so that I can be on the pitch all the time. »

The two players do not play completely the same way. Samuel is more of a receiver used than a runner. But in any case, the idea is to vary the oppositions.

“You have to see it from his point of view. For me, it’s about taking as few hits as possible. For him, it is using the defense. For me, it’s the same thing because if I play receiver, I’m facing a cornerback, lighter than me and I won’t have to pass between the tackles. Inevitably, that makes me want to,” insists Etienne.

Travis Etienne was very productive as a catcher at Clemson University. He caught 102 passes for 1155 yards and 8 touchdowns during his 4 years with the Tigers.

Before thinking about being a player like Deebo Samuel, we must first think about being healthy and being good in his preferred position. Despite everything, with James Robinson and Travis Etienne, Jacksonville has a very good duo of runners who will not fail to be very good safety valves for Trevor Lawrence.

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