Traveling in the NBA, a dream that can come true



If you are starting to read this article, it is because your attraction to the USA has been proven and you are beginning your research to go to the Land of Uncle Sam. And who says United States, says American sport and more particularly see an NBA game in one of the temples of NBA basketball. A dream, often childhood, which can materialize.

Who doesn’t dream of seeing a Timberwolves game (with Rudy Gobertdefector from Jazz this summer!) in the state of Minnesota in Target Centerin the legendary Madison Square Garden of the KnicksEvan Forunier and Julius Randleamong the legendary Lakers of LeBron James or the legendary Boston Celtics at TD Garden ?

Target Center - Minnesota Timberwolves
An NBA place for the Target Center in Minnesota, follow the guide!

We’re talking about the easiest, fastest and most secure way to buy an NBA Ticket to Minnesota, New York or Los Angeles or another state to see your favorite team with your own eyes!

  • Hellotickets, a reference in its field, an NBA ticket purchase and a successful trip

You can go to this site for the purchase of NBA tickets:

From then on, you can select the destination of your choice. A wide choice is available since depending on your initial destination, you can go to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Houston, New York, Brooklyn, Boston… in short, from the East of the United States to the West without limit. You have an NBA franchise at heart, you will find a ticket to fully satisfy you.

Once you have selected your destination, you will be able to choose the date of the match as well as the poster in question. Of course, prices fluctuate depending on the NBA franchise, its rating and the matchup. A Knicks game costs more than a Thunder game and the price also increases according to your seat, whether you are at the top of the stands or at the edge of the field, the note adjusts to your situation. Make a selection based on your budget. Seeing the Nets against the Celtics will obviously not be the same price as the Wizards against the Magic.

Now choose your seat and the number of tickets, one trip two is always better!

To help you, you will have a visual of where the places to choose are located, in order to avoid any disappointment and to reserve a place that meets your expectations and your budget.

Hello Tickets - Map Arena

All you have to do is pay online with your credit card. Everything is completely secure and you will receive your ticket in digital format (PDF) in your e-mail box.

  • Free Agency: a rebalancing of forces, serious outsiders to the succession of the Golden State Warriors?

From East to West, several franchises are showing their fangs!

Western Conference:

Speaking of fangs, we immediately think of the transfer of Rudy Gobert from the Utah Jazz to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Watch out for this young but ambitious team that has long teeth. Karl Anthony Towns as a strong winger and the young prodigy Anthony Edwards will try everything to come and shake up the Golden State Warriors who will try the back to back. It must be said that the San Francisco franchise will still have the arguments to stand up to any Klay Thompson back in top form, the versatile and temperamental Draymond Green, Andrew Wiggins and the emerging Jordan Poole. On the side of California and Los Angeles, the Lakers did not succeed in their trade (especially that of Russell Westbrook retained in the workforce) this t but Anthony Davis will support LeBron James who will be, let us remember, 38 years old next December. For neighbor Clippers, Kawhi Leonard will once again tread the parquet floors, well helped by Paul George.

Eastern Conference:

The Nets retained Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant not without difficulty, but the essential is there for Brooklyn who will still be able to rub shoulders with the NBA finalists, the Boston Celtics, whose Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum will still be the spearheads. Another outsider, the Sixers extended James Harden and its association with Joel Embiid still promises sacred highlights. Finally, a new kid is appearing with the Cleveland Cavaliers franchise. Filled with talent, they can count on Darius Garland, Evan Mobley and the trade of Donovan Mitchell which will now give a more serious prospect of spoilsport in the Eastern Conference.

  • A few dates to remember on the NBA Calendar

Here are the posters of the start of the NBA season as well as those of the “Christmas Day”:

Start of the season: On the night of Tuesday October 18 to Wednesday with two matches then a second busy evening with 12 matches.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022: The regular season resumes.

– 01:30 am: Celtics against the Sixers

– 04:00: Warriors face the Lakers

Wednesday October 19, 2022: 12 meetings for a first temperature check.

– Pistons facing the Magic

– Pacers versus Wizards

– Hawks against the Rockets

– Net against the Pelicans

– Heat against the Bulls

– Raptors face the Cavs

– Grizzlies against the Knicks

– Wolves against the Thunder

– Spurs against the Hornets

– Jazz against the Nuggets

– Suns against the Mavs

– Kings versus Blazers

  • “Christmas Day”, we’re drooling!

An exceptional program for Sunday 25 December with highly publicized franchises:

– 6 p.m.: Knicks against the Sixers

– 8:30 p.m.: Mavs against the Lakers

– 11 p.m.: Celtics against the Bucks

– 02:00: Warriors against the Grizzlies

– 04:30: Nuggets against the Suns

Like every year, the NBA regular season is exciting and gives rise to high-intensity duels. To take full advantage of it, it may be the perfect time to go see a real NBA game in an atmosphere of madness. And it starts with the purchase of an NBA Ticket.

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