Training: Yes to communications and marketing jobs!

Training: Yes to communications and marketing jobs!



Social networks, internal communication tools, videoconferencing, cloud, CRM, Google Analytics… New communication and marketing tools are constantly changing. So much so that it is sometimes difficult to navigate without feeling overwhelmed. To stay in the game, only one solution is available to you: get trained! In order to be quickly spotted by companies, recognized training and a solid diploma will be useful to you.

For this, we turn to Studi, a leading French e-learning group that offers short or long-term online training that will adapt to your needs. Simple upgrade? Bet on a short training that will not require more than 150 hours of your time. If, on the contrary, you want to train or obtain a new higher education degree such as an MBA in marketing and communication, then count 12 to 24 months. Either way, you can learn at your own pace, wherever you are in the world!

1. Communication

Do you like to know everything that is happening within your company in order to highlight it via all the means of communication that exist? Internal communication, external communication… these buoyant professions will call on both your creative talents and your rigour. As a true spokesperson for the company, you must master all the tools and be in constant contact with the other departments. No information should escape you!

Contrary to what one might think, professions in this sector are recruiting. Indeed, with new modes of communication, needs have diversified, calling on new profiles. Among the emerging professions that are attracting more and more young graduates: that of community manager. Responsible for the visibility of the company on the web, beyond publishing posts on social networks, he will also have to analyze feedback in order to refine his communication according to his followers. Then, you will find the professions of web editor, communication advisor, press officer, event project manager… So many professions that you can claim with a Bachelor in digital communication and which will allow you to evolve over a long period of time. career that promises to be anything but boring! Another advantage of these professions? You can exercise them within a company or independently!

2. Marketing

This is a key sector of any business that will call on your sense of analysis and strategy, but which will also require a great sense of adaptation in order to deal with unusual situations!

Are you comfortable with new technologies and have excellent interpersonal skills? It’s a good start ! But to be fully operational in business, you will need to train in order to fully master data acquisition and management tools, be able to lead a digital project, plan promotional actions or even carry out market research! Among the key professions in the sector: digital project manager, product owner, brand manager and of course marketing director. Their common point? Increase the company’s profitability by analyzing different data from sales or the company’s reputation. To train freely, we turn to online training. Do you want to progress in your profession? You can opt for a short training that will allow you to acquire new skills such as designing and deploying an acquisition campaign on the web, implementing a marketing plan or optimizing performance on the web. If you want to move into new professions, Studi also offers long training courses at BAC+ 3 level such as Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing Project Manager or at BAC+ 5 level such as the MBA in digital strategy.

Whatever your desire, Studi will be able to reconcile seriousness and flexibility.

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