NBA La demande de PatBev pour Mitchell

Traded to Jazz, Patrick Beverley’s cash request to Donovan Mitchell!



Having been part of the package for Rudy Gobert, Patrick Beverley now finds himself a Utah player. Will he be Donovan Mitchell’s teammate next year? Nothing is less certain… In the meantime, the watchdog has made a very specific request for its franchise player of the moment.

In the end, Patrick Beverley will not stay long at the Timberwolves. The time of a season in fact, during which he helped his franchise to return to the playoffs, which was not won in advance. Following this, however, its leaders decided to trade it, in order to recover Rudy Gobert who was leaving the Jazz. Far from being grumpy, the leader says he understands the decision and does not blame his former organization:

Surprised ? No, not in this business. I understood it. It’s never personal, always business. We did great things with Minnesota. We sort of rearranged the environment there. We gave the fans something to be happy about.

A very classy behavior from the veteran, who will now wear the colors of Salt Lake City. A team in full reconstruction following several failures in the playoffs, including one against the Clippers in 2020-21 where PatBev in person was then rampant.

If he will therefore not be a teammate of Gobzilla, with whom he is not on good terms, he will however perhaps play with Donovan Mitchell. It is said perhaps, since it is really not a guarantee, several competitors wishing to acquire the services of the rear. Unsurprisingly, the Mormons’ latest recruit was asked about the subject recently. As he says himself, he would very much like to evolve alongside Spida… and he took the opportunity to issue a warning to his leaders:

Beverley wants Mitchell to stay at Jazz

We’ll see what happens in the next two weeks. We’ll see when things calm down. Hopefully Donovan Mitchell stays and the team is competitive. If so, we are very excited. Otherwise… well, I’ve been in the league for a while, and I want to win a title.

Difficult to make more cash from the watchdog, who links his future to that of No. 45. Utah therefore has a serious interest in keeping its flagship player, if the front office does not want to have to completely repopulate its backcourt.

Patrick Beverley makes it clear, he would very much like Donovan Mitchell to continue playing for the Jazz. If the back were to leave anyway, then it is almost certain that the former Clipper will do everything to wear the colors of another team next fall.

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