Tout savoir sur le Bureau des Sports Extrêmes (BDX)

Tout savoir sur le Bureau des Sports Extrêmes (BDX)



Little known in the world of business schools, the BDX or Bureau des Sports Extrêmes is gradually beginning to emerge in student life. We tell you everything about this association, its role and how to join it.

What is the BDX (Office of Extreme Sports)?

In the same way as the Student Office (BDE), the Sports Office (BDS) or the Arts Office (BDA) promote student life, sport and art with students, the BDX is an office that has aims to promote extreme sports within the school.

Like most business school associations, it is made up of several members (20 to 40) who are divided into different poles such as the communication pole, the canvassing pole or the events pole. The office, made up of a president, a vice-president, a treasurer and a secretary, aims to oversee the entire association. Today, only a handful of business schools have an Extreme Sports Office.

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What sports are practiced at the Extreme Sports Office?

The sports and activities offered by the Office of Extreme Sports depends on each school. However, two types of projects can be distinguished.

First of all, the BDX organizes several stays such as semi-snow and semi-surf, which are one-week trips allowing participants to learn or improve in skiing or snowboarding. Some schools also organize treks to promote hiking.

On the other hand, the Office of Extreme Sports sets up various activities and outings for an afternoon or a day. The goal is to discover practices that are not very accessible, such as bungee jumping, go-karting or rock climbing.

The activities are open to all contributors for a price that is intended to be more affordable than if you practiced your sports without the intermediary of the BDX. The office has, like many associations, a canvassing center and often relies on the number of participants as well as the interest for a merchant to be a partner of a business school in order to benefit from advantageous rates. Non-members sometimes have access to the activities offered by the BDX, but at a higher price. This of course depends on the office, but also on the sports that are offered.

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How to integrate the BDX?

Several schools such as emlyon, NEOMA and TBS Education already have an Extreme Sports Office. The means of accessing this office vary according to campus and business school, of course!

In some schools you have to list, that is to say, form a group that leads a campaign in order to prove to the rest of the promotion that your list has the shoulders to take over this office. This campaign is against other lists that also want access to BDX. It is through the vote of the promotion that the successor is designated.

On other campuses it is enough to pass interviews. Nothing to do with the personality interviews held during the admissibility orals or fit interviews that you find in the consulting worldit is often a discussion with the current members of the association to find out if your profile is in line with the office and its values.

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