TotalEnergies Marketing Tunisie and Ennakl Automobiles seal a five-year partnership

TotalEnergies Marketing Tunisie and Ennakl Automobiles seal a five-year partnership



TotalEnergies Marketing Tunisie and Ennakl Automobiles seal a five-year partnership

A ceremony was organized on Tuesday, October 11, 2022, to seal the partnership between TotalEnergies Marketing Tunisia and Ennakl Automobiles, one of the representatives of Renault Trucks in Tunisia.

The contract was signed by the two leaders, the general manager of TotalEnergies Marketing Tunisie Mutaz Nazzal and the general manager of Ennakl Automobiles Ibrahim Debache, in the presence of the Renault Trucks services manager as well as senior executives from the two companies.

This is a five-year contract, which stipulates the use of Renault Trucks Oil (RTO) lubricants by the Renault Trucks Tunisia after-sales service of Ennakl Automobiles.

On this occasion, Mr. Nazzal recalled that the partnership between the two companies has lasted for more than ten years and took the opportunity to thank the Ennakl group for the confidence renewed by the signing of this contract.

This relationship will be strengthened by the signing of this contract “, he said. And to clarify: TotalEnergies will supply the Ennakl Automobiles group with Renault Trucks-branded lubricants, i.e. a product specially designed for the truck brand and which is the result of high-quality collaborative work carried out by TotalEnergies with the manufacturer Renault. “.

The CEO of the energy supplier further stated that ” TotalEnergies will do everything necessary to provide quality products as well as the necessary service before and after the sale. “.

For his part, Mr. Debache specified that Ennakl Automobiles was at the origin of the introduction in Tunisia of Renault Trucks Oil (RTO). And to add: Keeping trucks running requires fuel and lubricants. (…) And it is through this type of partnership that we can guarantee the durability of the products and trucks that we market. To do this, in the coming days we are going to put offers, service packs, which will precisely integrate the availability of RTO lubricants in our workshops. “.

Mutaz Nazzal took advantage of this signing to come back to the oil company’s new strategy.

Total changed its name a year and a half ago from Total to TotalEnergies. It’s not just a change of name but a change of strategy and a change of funds. Total was among the top five in the world as an oil company and wants to stay in the top five “.

And to continue: A third of our investments today are focused on the renewable part, ie approximately three billion dollars, which represents a substantial amount. In Tunisia, we were the first oil company to install electrical terminals in service stations and this since 2019. Today, we have 19 terminals which will soon increase to twenty terminals, in one or two weeks. . We have also installed photovoltaic systems in fifty stations in our network “.

The CEO of the energy provider also specified: ” We are going to continue this process towards energy efficiency. The decision was taken a week ago, the company will invest more than a billion dollars, in the next two years, on energy efficiency issues: it is not just an investment in facilities for infrastructure but an investment in efficiency that is part of the business today “.

On September 5, 2022, Ennakl Automobiles celebrated the official launch of Renault Trucks activities.


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