Marketing affiliation : top 10 des plateformes à connaitre en 2023

top 10 platforms to know in 2023



Affiliate marketing is still brand new to you? Here are the top 10 platforms that will surely earn the most in 2023…

Participating in an affiliate program means establishing a partnership relationship between affiliate and affiliator. Affiliates can be influencers, applications or sites that recommend the services or products of affiliates in order to earn commissions. As for affiliators, these are generally applications or websites that market their services or products.

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To purchase the advised service or product, the user must follow an affiliate link. Each time it is followed, the affiliate obtains a profit previously fixed by the affiliate network or the seller. It can track the IP of the referenced user while validating their conversion and purchase.

Affiliate link cookies remain in the user’s web browser for a certain period of time. During this period, the affiliate receives a well-defined commission if he performs the requested action: he can obtain a payment per lead, per click or per sale.

Do you then want to have an additional income through Affiliate Marketing or even earn a living there full time? Take inspiration from these platforms.

The Amazon Partner Club

All niches that encompass several varied products are represented on Amazon Associates. Seeing its high conversion rate, over 2 million marketers and product creators are on this great affiliate network.

Amazon cookies last approximately 24 hours. When clicking on other products, apart from the one promoted through affiliate links, cookies also apply. However, if the customer adds a product to their basket, it can take up to 90 days.

In terms of commissions, they vary according to the sector of activity chosen. The minimum rate set at 1% applies to video game consoles, physical video games and groceries. Products can be purchased with Amazon Coins.


The famous Adidas brand offers a competitive affiliate program with paid sales at average rates of 7-10%. Before establishing a partnership with this great seller of sportswear, make sure you have an audience that meets its target customers, namely sports enthusiasts aged 18 to 24.

Affiliates have the right marketing support and tools with a large database of over 3,500 products. They may also use various assets, such as promotions, newsletters, caption templates, deep links, banners, and links.


If you are interested in the online job market, become a Fiverr affiliate to earn a commission rate of $15 to $50 by sharing various links to promote the services of this platform.

Other commission plans are also available. This is the case of the Learn plan which allows you to benefit from a rate of 30% by subscribing to the online courses of the platform. With Fiverr’s Perks plan, no matter the price of the gig, you enjoy $150 commission for premium services from the professionals you choose.

Although the lifetime of cookies reaches 30 days on Fiverr, there are many competitors and commissions are only collected for new buyers. Thus, this platform is not suitable for those who wish to obtain remuneration with regular orders.


Specialized in content marketing, SEMrush allows you to earn 10 dollars when you sign up for a trial. In addition, on your first sale, you receive $200 and a monthly commission of 40% regardless of the subscription plan you select.

The lifetime of cookies is 120 days. To face stiff competition, you can increase your profits thanks to a team of experts in account management and to about forty tools placed at your disposal. The supported payment methods are bank transfer and PayPal with a minimum threshold of $1,000 for the former and $50 for the latter. Payments are then processed on the 10th and 25th of the month.


HubSpot allows you to obtain commissions of varying amounts depending on the level of the affiliates. Thus, companies earn a commission of $1,000, while professionals who use a CMS earn $500. As for beginners who join the basic plan, their commission is $250.

A leader in the digital marketing industry, HubSpot has different sales resources. The platform offers marketing automation and customer relationship management services, among other things.

Thanks to 90-day cookies and affiliate marketing assistance, affiliates enjoy fixed and generous commissions. However, only one payment method is available: PayPal. Also, the sales cycle for expensive affiliate products is long.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate, formerly called Commission Junction, offers tools to increase your conversion rates and performance. While commissions are variable, in some cases it is possible to negotiate with the advertiser if you have a lot of influence in a given niche.

With cookieless tracking, which is more privacy-friendly, the platform drives multiple mobile conversions. Indeed, compared to browsers, the different applications do not store data in cookies.

With its in-depth link automation, the platform helps generate unique links on service or product pages. To get them, you just have to insert a bookmark in your browser bar.

A fee of $25 per month is charged to your account when you join this program. Your account is automatically deleted if your balance is less than this amount.

The Moment Affiliate Program

Moment’s affiliate program is for travel and photography enthusiasts, with a $100 commission for every trip taken. For the promotion of the courses, you receive a commission of 10%, and between 6 to 15% if you recommend specific equipment.

In addition to monthly access to training sessions with certified guides, you join a community made up of designers, photographers and creative professionals. However, you have to wait about 2 to 3 months before receiving your payment, especially when you are traveling.

The Hostinger Affiliate Program

With the Hostinger Affiliate Program, the commission rate is at least 60%. In addition to enjoying high commissions, affiliates can get limitless earnings. This platform in the web hosting sector enjoys a high conversion rate.

Once their account is approved, Affiliates can promote Cloud Hosting, VPS, WordPress Hosting, and Shared Hosting. The minimum threshold required to receive your winnings is 100 dollars and payment is made every 15th of the month by bank transfer or PayPal.

The eBay Partner Network

With around 300 categories to choose from and over 180 million users, eBay Partner Network or the eBay Partner Network is one of the most important platforms in affiliate marketing. If you participate in this platform’s affiliate program, you can earn 50-70% from auctions and sales.

However, the earnings limit is $100 for expensive products, such as real estate. In addition, the lifespan of cookies, reduced to 24 hours, means that this platform cannot be trusted, especially during 7-day auction periods.


Sephora offers an affiliate program, which is particularly suitable for beauty websites. Choose the brand that inspires you to promote niche skincare products or luxury cosmetics.

More than 10,000 high-quality products are to be promoted on this platform which gives you exclusive offers, free samples and free shipping on orders over $50. Cookies last for one month and affiliates can earn between 8 and 10% commission.

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