[Top 10] Pass rushers : Cam Jordan passe tout près

[Top 10] Pass rushers : Cam Jordan passe tout près



Throughout the month of May and June, Touchdown News reveals the typical NFL team voted by the editorial staff. Yesterday you could read our choice for the post of EDGE, here are the details of the votes.

Each editor was able to make his top 10, and the ranking is the result of all the votes.

Scale: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points… 10th = 1 point.

1 point, that’s what Cam Jordan missed to join the leading quartet. The pass rusher is not the only star to miss the selection, since Khalil Mack, Matt Judon and Joey Bosa also miss the selection.

The nice progression of this top 10 is for Trey Hendrickson, who confirmed with the Bengals that he is a rising star in this league. The top 10 is generally young, which demonstrates a renewal of the forces present in the position.

Editor’s Votes

1 – TJ Watt – 99 points
2 – Myles Garrett – 90 points
3 – Nick Bosa – 79 points
4 – Maxx Crosby – 52 points
5 – Cam Jordan – 51 points
6 – Khalil Mack – 43 points
7 – Trey Hendrickson – 37 points
8 – Joey Bosa – 22 points
9 – Matt Judon – 22 points
10 – Robert Quinn – 14 points

Overheard at the editorial office

“The trio seems almost indisputable. On the other hand Crosby, for me, it is over-reaction to his very good 2022 season, ”Raphael Masmejean.

“This trio is by far the best. They also seem to have many good years ahead of them. Crosby is the worthy representative of a refreshing new wave. I would have liked to see Gary there more but it will be for 2023″, Alexandre Lauque.

Like everyone else, the top three seems clean to me. Trey Hendrickson may still lack some recognition. In any case, he confirmed his big contract with the Bengals very well.. » Alain Mattei

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