[Top 10] La chute de Bobby Wagner

[Top 10] La chute de Bobby Wagner



Throughout the month of May and June, Touchdown News reveals the typical NFL team voted by the editorial staff. It’s about choosing the players that everyone would like in their team at the moment T. Friday, the linabackers were in the spotlight. This Saturday, we reveal the details of the votes.

Each editor was able to make his top 10, and the ranking is the result of all the votes.

Scale: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points… 10th = 1 point.

Triple All Pro at only 26 years old, Darius Leonard just misses the typical team. The defensive leader of the Colts may be paying for the failure of his team at the gates of the playoffs where the members of the quadrangle all participated in the January games.

23rd in the top 50 last year and 2nd linebacker in the hierarchy, Bobby Wagner is paying for the passing years and the decline of the Seahawks. He plummets to the bottom of this top 10. Despite an eighth consecutive year as an All Pro, he bears the brunt of the emergence of a new generation symbolized by the Micah Parsons phenomenon.

Shadow workers, sometimes forgotten, are represented with Eric Kendricks and Matt Milano. All Pro in 2021 and extended long-term by the Packers, the revelation De’Vondre Campbell gains the confidence of the editorial staff to settle in this ranking.

Editor’s vote

1 – Micah Parsons – Cowboys – 83 points
2 – Fred Warner – 49ers – 81 points
3 – Lavonte David – Buccaneers – 64 points
4 – Devin White – Buccaneers – 52 points
5 – Darius Leonard – Colts – 49 points
6 – Eric Kendricks – Vikings – 44 points
6 – Roquan Smith – Bears – 44 points
8 – DeVondre Campbell – Packers – 23 points
9 – Matt Milano – Bills – 21 points
10 – Bobby Wagner – Rams – 20 points

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