[Top 10] Cornerbacks : J.C. Jackson trop sous-estimé ?

[Top 10] Cornerbacks : J.C. Jackson trop sous-estimé ?



Playing for Bill Belichick doesn’t always have its upsides when it comes to making his name shine.

Over the months of May and June, Touchdown News reveals the typical NFL team voted by the editorial staff. It is a question of choosing the players that everyone would like in their team at the moment T. On Wednesday, the running backs were in the spotlight. This Thursday, we reveal the details of the votes.

Each editor was able to make his Top 10, and the ranking is the result of all the votes.

Scale: 1st = 10 points, 2nd = 9 points… 10th = 1 point.

Some positions are so dense that sometimes a Top 10 is not enough. Cornerbacks are one of them. As the typical team had already left guessed, Jalen Ramsey outperforms his counterparts. Behind, the homogeneity is in order.

Poached at a golden price by the Chargers during the offseason, JC Jackson, who has shone in recent seasons in New England, finds himself only in eighth position. Proof of quality in the cornerback position or lack of esteem for his work? With 25 interceptions and only 3 games missed in four years, he shines in any case by his regularity.

Editor’s Votes

1 – Jalen Ramsey – 97 points
2 – Tre’Davious White – 67 points
3 – Jaire Alexander – 66 points
4 – Xavien Howard – 65 points
5 – Marlon Humphrey – 57 points
6 – Marshon Lattimore – 49 points
7 – Denzel Ward – 46 points
8 – JC Jackson – 39 points
9 – Patrick Surtain – 33 points
10 – Darius Slay – 19 points

Overheard at the editorial office

“No scandal in this top 10: talent, talent and more talent! From the young to the old, from the big to the small, there is something for all affinities”, Victor Rouiller.

“Ramsey is the undisputed number 1 and there is no photo. Better still, he combines talent with the patter in line with the greatest cornerbacks in the history of the league like Deion Sanders or Richard Sherman more recently.Marc Orfila.

It’s no scandal, but Jackson may be paying for playing in a Patriots defense where Bill Belichick always seems to find solutions. If he manages to shine with Los Angeles, he could climb in the years to come. » Alain Mattei

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