La légende NBA française Tony Parker s'est adressée à Jayson Tatum et aux Boston Celtics suite à leur défaite lors des dernières Finales

Tony Parker sends a big message to Jayson Tatum and the Celtics!



Although busy with his duties as president of ASVEL, Tony Parker nevertheless managed to follow the last NBA Finals between Golden State and Boston. He therefore wanted to address the Celtics following their defeat, and to deliver a big prognosis on the franchise!

After having worn the same colors for a long time, the two teams do not even have this similarity anymore. The Celtics and ASVEL shared green jerseys for a long time, before the Villeurbannais club abandoned theirs a few years ago. They could also have shared champion status, if Boston hadn’t failed in the Finals against the Warriors. A failure recently mentioned by a certain Tony Parker.

Tony Parker predicts a Celtics rebound… à la Spurs

Barely crowned with Villeurbanne for the third consecutive time, TP9 joined the United States, and more precisely Las Vegas. Passing through the World Series of Poker, the former French leader was interviewed by Tomer Azarly and ClutchPoints on the recent disappointment of the C’s. A case that immediately reminded him of the one he experienced 9 years earlier with his San Antonio teammates:

For me, the way we lost in 2013 led to what we did in 2014. That year was maybe one of the best Finals in NBA history, and the best basketball that the Spurs have developed. Our fluidity of play, the science of the pass, everything. This is perhaps when we reached the highest level of my career at Spurs. And it all started with a tough defeat in 2013.

Based on his own experience, Parker urges Jayson Tatum and his partners to follow Spurs’ example next year:

I’m very proud of the way we bounced back. The team showed great character. And the Celtics need to do the same. Besides, they are still young. We were old and we still knew how to bounce back, so they are definitely capable of it.

To achieve this, the Celtics have a valuable asset, namely Ime Udoka. TP is not mistaken, and thinks that the young coach is in a better position to re-mobilize his troops:

He was with us during those years, from which he can draw inspiration from the things we had to go through at that time, that’s for sure. I knew him as a teammate, I had him as a coach, so he knew everything with us. He knows better than anyone how to get back to the top after tough NBA Finals.

As such, the former captain of the Blues expects to see the Massachusetts franchise dominate over time in the Eastern Conference:

It’s incredible. It’s not easy to go to the Finals for a first season as head coach. I’m really happy for him, really really proud of him, and what he’s done for this band is pretty impressive. I think Boston is going to be good for a long time.

Tony Parker finds himself in the recent path of the Celtics, and expects the band of Ime Udoka to follow the same trajectory as the Spurs in 2014. See you in a few months to see if the French legend had seen just !

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