La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, LeBron James, pourrait bien prochainement voir un coéquipier actuel de Jayson Tatum aux Boston Celtics débarquer dans son équipe

“To say that about the Celtics is a lack of respect for LeBron”



The Celtics impose themselves for several months as the best team in the NBA, with crazy intensity, especially in defense and a perfectly balanced collective. But for a Warriors player, that chemistry has nothing to do with what LeBron James was doing during his time with the Cavaliers.

Since mid-season, the Celtics have clearly established themselves as the best team in the NBA, with a fiery Jayson Tatum, a perfect Jaylen Brown in the role of luxury lieutenant, but also a Robert Williams who leads one of the most beautiful defenses of the last 20 years. It was necessary that to overcome the Nets, the Bucks then the Heat on the same campaign of playoffs.

But in these Finals, Ime Udoka’s men have to face the experience of the Warriors and a big Stephen Curry, and they find themselves one small defeat away from elimination. A situation that does not necessarily worry the fans, who know that this group has the resource and the talent necessary to reverse the situation. It will be necessary to chain two consecutive victories to achieve this, which is not necessarily unthinkable.

Draymond Green refuses to compare LeBron to the Celtics

But opposite, Golden State knows perfectly the way to win the Larry O’Brien trophy, and this dynasty about to be reborn will not crack mentally. It must be said that after so many battles with LeBron James and the Cavaliers, Steve Kerr’s men are grounded. Moreover, at a press conference, Draymond Green refused to compare the series against the King to that against the C’s.

This streak has nothing to do mentally with our streaks against LeBron. For me he is the smartest player in history. To say that the duel against the Celtics and on the same level as our battles with the Cavaliers is disrespectful for LeBron and that would be a lie. Obviously it’s a challenge to play Boston, these guys are tall, athletic, fast, young, strong. But under these conditions we can try to be smarter than them, think before them how to win this duel.

It’s complicated, but less than against LeBron James, who dissects all the matches on the field. His brain analyzes everything live and it’s a talent that few players have and few people can understand. Then there is a player somewhat in the same style in Boston, since Marcus Smart is very intelligent and has a basketball IQ that I respect.

For Draymond Green, these Finals are less intellectually difficult than those against the LeBron Cavaliers, since the King is one of, if not the biggest brains in the league. Be careful, however, not to take the Celtics too lightly, since Ime Udoka could put in place a strategy that uses all the mental capacities of his players. 5 focused, smart players could hurt as much as a LeBron.

Visibly, LeBron James caused the Warriors far more problems psychologically than the Celtics. Draymond Green will have to assume his words and allow his people to win the title, otherwise his words will come back to him in the face.

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