TikTok: la nouvelle trend «Hot Girl Walk» affole le réseau social !

TikTok: the new trend “Hot Girl Walk” is panicking the social network!



A new trend is born on the social network TikTok. It’s called “Hot Girl Walk”.

It was Mia Lind, an American student, who invented the “Hot Girl Walk” trend that is driving TikTok crazy at the moment. The MCE TV editorial explains everything from A to Z!

What is the “Hot Girl Walk” trend?

As you probably know, TikTok is a very popular social network. According to recent research by Hootsuite and We Are Social, 85 million users have been won over by the app in just 3 months. This represents 1 million new users every day. It’s totally crazy, don’t you think?

TikTok is so powerful that it is not uncommon for trends to emerge (in other words, movements, trends, etc.). Right now, it’s the “Hot Girl Walk” that drives the web crazy.

But what exactly does it consist of? Konbini conducted its own investigation. According to our colleagues, this TikTok trend would have been invented by Mia Lind, an American student. She even trademarked the phrase “Hot Girl Walk.”

The goal is to put on your headphones, choose a playlist you like, go for a brisk walk for 4 km and focus on positive thoughts such as your goals and how sexy you are! In short, use a determined step and think about the best part of you. Yes, it’s as simple as that.

This will give you (re)confidence. Moreover, it isa sporting exercise accessible to everyone. And this, even if for some, walking is far from being a sport. MCE TV tells you more about it, just below.

Internet users are not convinced by this new TikTok trend

Many Internet users make fun of of this new trend that was born on TikTok. To realize this, just take a look at the comments left under Konbini’s explanatory video.

“I get to think about my goals and how i look sexy from my couch. »exclaimed one of the subscribers. “Ah yeah so the chick just invented walking… Shit… I hadn’t thought of that before.” Thank you, this will change my life! »outbid a second, concerning the TikTok trend.

Fortunately, not all of them were ironic about this new TikTok trend. “For once a trend is good for your health! If in addition it can restore self-confidence in a society where it is precisely hard to feel beautiful, it is really positive… In addition, it makes you exercise. What more ? »commented yet another user.

Then after all, the numbers speak for themselves. On TikTok alone, the “Hot Girl Walk” has generated 136 million views. You realize ?

If you don’t like it, you can always stay on playback. Do not hesitate to rely on our Top 10 best songs to use on the platform.

In any case, at the MCE TV editorial office, we prefer to see trends emerge in this genre (even if it is not of great interest) than challenges. very dangerous such as the #LabelloChallenge.

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