TikTok: beware of this dangerous slimming challenge among young users

TikTok: beware of this dangerous slimming challenge among young users



A bad ad for the Chinese giant. While the platform wants to promote inclusive and positive beauty, this trend highlights extreme thinness.

This is another bad buzz for the TikTok app. A new challenge has emerged on the platform, promoting sickly thinness. The goal ? Wrapping her wired headphones twice around her waist to show off her slim figure. A trend followed by some Internet users, but denounced by others.

Do you know the “Earphone Waist Challenge” or the wired headphones challenge? This trend on TikTok has once again made the buzz, or rather the “bad buzz”. Already in 2021, this “challenge” had shocked users on the social network. The process? Circle her waist twice to prove how slim your figure is, synonymous, according to them, with a certain beauty.

A trend still relevant

TikTok had banned the hashtag #EarphoneWaistChallenge, still blocked to this day, posting an alert message: “You are not alone – If you or someone you know is going through a difficult time, help is always available.” An associated link refers to the platform for assistance in the event of an eating disorder.

However, the trend remains. On the platform, users circumvented the ban by changing the keywords. The hashtag #earphoneswaistchallenge has accumulated more than 1.6 million views to date, while in French, the keyword #ecouteurchallenge has more than 1.2 million views. Other variants like #TrendEcouteur or #headphonesroundwaistchallenge are still visible and accessible on the Chinese social network.

Despite the toxicity of this trend, many users have nevertheless complied with this exercise, such as the content creator Laura Furlan, who displays a smile by succeeding in the challenge, thus attracting the wrath of users: “The goal: create complexes,” one user commented. Others, more lenient, rely on a certain naivety of the designer: “even if it was certainly not your intention, the trend is toxic and you perpetuate unrealistic standards on young people”, explained another Internet user.

On Billie Eilish song

As always on TikTok, the challenge is accompanied by a specific sound. Ironically, it was on Billie Eilish’s song “Everything I wanted” that users took on this challenge. More specifically, the sound takes up the excerpt: “If I could change the way that you see yourself – You wouldn’t wonder why you’re here – They don’t deserve you” or in French “If I could change the way you see yourself. You wouldn’t wonder why you’re here. They don’t deserve you.”

To denounce this challenge, the singer Louane notably used this extract, writing on her video: “I have never seen such a toxic and ridiculous trend. Headphones are for listening to music”.

Critics that are confirmed by the many other videos and comments from young women collapsed at not succeeding in this challenge. This is the case of user @_vaalouu.spam_, in tears while making her video. At only 13 years old, as indicated in her biography on her TikTok account, the young French teenager captioned “My body is horrible”. A video that has gone viral which has attracted the sympathy of several content creators like Mr. Thomas: “No, babe, no. I would give everything so that you could see yourself with our eyes”. The latter has also published a video to denounce this challenge: “It’s been several times that I come across a TikTok trend, simply ridiculous.” The content creator, who has 1 million subscribers on the social network, wanted to challenge the Chinese giant in France: “Here I am first addressing all the people who create trends like that, who destroy lives but I am mainly addressing TikTok France […] you have to regulate this kind of trend.” “Don’t hurt yourself. We’re all beautiful,” said Noholito, the influencer with 4.9 million followers on TikTok.

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