This “slimming” drink that is buzzing on TikTok can ruin your health

This “slimming” drink that is buzzing on TikTok can ruin your health



A not very healthy trend is gaining power on TikTok. No, it’s not the return of the cinnamon mask, but the coffee lemon challenge: drink a mixture of coffee and lemon “to lose weight”…

The #coffeelemonchallenge trend is everywhere on TikTok. His promise? Lose weight very quickly by consuming daily (and sometimes exclusively) an unsavory drink made from coffee and lemon.

Without too many surprises, like all miracle slimming tips, this trend is ineffective AND dangerous for your health. Explanations.

The risks of coffee lemon, this “slimming” lemon coffee

People doing this “challenge” use coffee that dissolves directly in hot water and squeezed lemon juice — nothing very appetizing. Worse, they replace a balanced diet with this mixtureconsumed on an empty stomach.

The videos of this trend rack up millions of views on TikTok, even if it looks really filthy, and users of the application say that they have lost a lot of pounds “thanks” to their drink.

However, the AFP account Factual communicated on the subject by tweeting:

The AFP article which warns of this new trend has brought together explanations from experts including Pierre Dechelotte, president of the French-speaking Society of Clinical and Metabolic Nutrition (SFNCM). Apparently, this drink is not at all an effective solution to lose weight!

“Coffee, whether hot or cold, has never made you lose weight. It stimulates the heart rate and makes you spend a little more energy. Too much coffee can also lead to insomnia and even heart problems. As for lemon, it is rich in vitamin C and it is an antioxidant, but it has never had the slightest effect on weight loss either.. »

In addition to suppressing hunger, the lemon-coffee mixture can be aggressive for the mucous membranes and lead, of course, to weight loss, but it is “muscle not fat” according to Cécile Bétry, doctor and nutrition researcher interviewed by AFP.

In summary, people following this challenge are in a vicious circle of undernutritionespecially when fasting and only consuming their strange concoction.

In this regard, Claire Carette, doctor-nutritionist and diabetologist, also warns about the risks of drifting towards eating disordersespecially among young people: starving yourself hoping for rapid weight loss is never good for your health, either physical or mental.

A TikTok “doctor” fully on the challenge

One TikTok user in particular seems very invested in this trend. His name is “Dr.” Benjamin William and other than dressing up in a white jacket and a stethoscope around his neck, he doesn’t do much.

His videos are always the same: we see him on the left of the screen, and on the right, a video of a woman who shows herself in “before/after” is displayed. And of course, everything is linked to the “miracles” of coffee-lemon.

This “doctor” has no link to a practice or a phone number… Just 6 million likes and a coffee emoji next to his name.

Oh, and also a link. Who refers to? An e-shop of “slimming” coffee-based productsfrom €17.25 a box, with a beautiful flashing countdown that encourages purchases and a “limited stock” alert aimed at not making you think too much before taking out the credit card.

How much does this coffee-loving “doctor” earn for this little link and these products? Impossible to say, but probably a nice sum…

Beware of the coffee lemon challenge and other express weight loss

AFP is the only media to alert on this challenge for the moment; on the rest of the Web, it is relayed as being a real trick to lose weight.

This trend, like many others, is dangerous, and on TikTok, it specifically targets a young audience. Two reasons for say bye bye to the coffee lemon challenge.

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