L'énorme regret de Kevin Durant après son exploit historique révélé !

“This is why no one wants to trade for Kevin Durant”



Kevin Durant wants to leave Brooklyn, but the winger sees time passing without his situation changing. However, a famous analyst recently wanted to explain why no one wanted to go all out with him. Said like that, it’s quite logical.

To be honest, we don’t really know what to think of the dossier of Kevin Durant. It’s been a month and a half since the 2014 MVP requested his transfer to the Nets, and with his resume (two-time champion, four-time leading scorer in the league), you would have thought the deal would be closed much sooner than that. And yet, at the time these lines are written, he is still a member of the New York superteam. Even after issuing an ultimatum

The problem for number 7 is thatno franchise seems really ready to accede to requests blacks and whites, who demand a huge package as compensation. Enough to make the Slim Reaper fanbase scream, but according to Brian Windhorst, it’s not that disrespectful to the former Warriors player. the journalist ofESPN thus considered the question, during the program get-up :

Brian Windhorst explains the stagnation of the KD file

We may not have the greatest era of superteams ever, but we do have some very good teams. You can look at four or five different teams that are in a position to become champions, and so if you want to build a title-seeking team around Kevin Durant, you can’t completely gut your team to get there.

Until now, the Nets didn’t just want draft picks in return, they also wanted star players, and teams just aren’t willing to pay that price for him. There’s a nuance to keep in mind there, and I know some fans get it and some don’t. They think it’s some kind of insult to Durant.

It’s not an insult to say you’re not going to blow up your team for Durant. In a way, it’s a compliment. It’s saying, “We think we can win a title with you, so we need to have a champion team on the other side of the trade.”

The argument is quite particular, but we understand the journalist’s message: it is not because the competition does not want to set up a trade for him that no one agrees on the fact that he is worth a lot.

That being said, it doesn’t change the fact that he’s still a member of Brooklyn, despite himself. So what should we expect in his case? Given what we know of him, he will be well dressed next year even if he does not change teams. KD loves to play, so he’s definitely not going to strike to get what he wants. His team can therefore count on him to give everything, although he does not really want to at first sight.

If no one is willing to drop such a heavy consideration for Kevin Durant, it is not an insult to him according to Brian Windhorst. Still, the winger’s fans may be in a tizzy for a while, and the player won’t be happy about it either…

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