Les deux superstars NBA des Los Angeles Lakers, Anthony Davis et LeBron James, pourraient voir débarquer de nouveaux joueurs intéressants via le marché des buy-outs

“This is the player the Lakers need to be champions”



Two years after the 17th coronation in their history, the Lakers now seem to be lagging behind in the title race. For a former star of the league, however, they would only be a rookie close to being able to win the title within a few months!

Last year, when several of their direct competitors had to deal with major absences, they failed to even qualify for the play-in tournament. It therefore seems difficult to imagine that the Lakers, whose offseason impresses only a few people, manage to play for the title next season, while the Western Conference has generally strengthened. An elder still believes in it.

The profile that the Lakers lack to aim for the title

Without having really been able to strengthen their roster during the offseason, the Angelinos can still rely on the duo LeBron JamesAnthony Davisso precious during the coronation of 2020. In the last episode of the Jalen & Jacoby ShowJalen Rose believes, however, that the King has sent a clear message through his recent extension, namely that his leaders must still recruit heavy:

LeBron wants to make the Finals again, and LeBron just signed a two-year contract for $97 million. You know why ? Because he had to show that he is invested in the Lakers project so that they do everything to recruit someone who can play with him.

Rose also thinks she knows which profile could help LeBron in his task:

Of course, the main focus this season will be to keep Anthony Davis as healthy as possible. But then again, even with those two guys, they’re still going to need a third big player. If it’s one of Kyrie Irving’s caliber, then I think LeBron James has a shot at winning another title in LA. If not, he probably won’t win any more. But he already has four.

The fans of Russell Westbrook will not fail to point out that the Purple & Gold already have the Brodie and his extended CV. However, according to J-Rose, it’s a star much more in the prime of life than they need. A star like… Kyrie Irving !

They must sign a player who will participate in the All-Star Game this year to accompany LeBron and Davis. It can’t be someone who was All-Star maybe three years ago. And let me tell you who in particular: Kyrie. He must be a dynamic player who can play with LeBron and AD, and who already has chemistry with LBJ. So I think if that happens, they can end up being champions. But let’s not underestimate the West.

They are indeed few, apart from the leader of the Nets, to respond to such a description in the league.

For Jalen Rose, the equation is simple: without a third All-Star in power, capable of evolving with LeBron James, the Lakers have no chance of being crowned champions next June. The Kyrie Irving track therefore seems perfect in his eyes!

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