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This catalog brings together hundreds of interactive marketing campaigns from leading brands to inspire



Gradually, traditional marketing techniques run out of steam. Consumers become hermetic to promotional speeches and overly aggressive marketing approaches. They are now looking for a unique and engaging customer experience. For this reason, many companies opt for interactive content. They are useful for improving your engagement rate, collecting first and zero-party data or increasing your sales.

However, this requires handling the cogs of interactive marketing and constantly being creative. To avoid the white page syndrome and find quality content to rely on, Qualifio offers an interesting tool. This is a catalog that brings together the best campaigns created by its users each month.

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A variety of sample campaigns

With this catalogue, you no longer need to roam the web in search of inspiration. From the tool, it is possible to easily access many interactive marketing campaigns. Regarding the selection criteria, these are the favorite contents of the Qualifio experts. They are primarily classified by sectors:

  • Media;
  • Entertainment ;
  • Retail/e-commerce;
  • Food and beverages;
  • Travel/transportation;
  • Beauty/Cosmetics;
  • Sport ;
  • Other area.

In total, eight categories are available on the site. By pressing on one of them, we discover sub-categories: these are campaign objectives. There are three: engagement, data collection and sales enablement. Simply select one to access a variety of examples to draw inspiration from.

For each of them, we obtain the title of the campaign as well as its format. It can be quizzes and contests like an escape game, winning moments like a wheel of fortune or even surveys. Some content offered uses methods such as gamification, that is to say, they use game mechanisms. We find for example the right price, the game of the runner and the puzzles. So many formats that have allowed several companies to create effective marketing campaigns.


Take inspiration from big business

At a glance, we get an overview of the campaigns of large companies such as Cacharel, Nespresso or OCS. To know in detail the actions that have been carried out, just click on “Read more”. We then find the description of the interactive marketing campaign in question, with more information about it such as the formats chosen, the strategy adopted, etc.

To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Games of Thrones series, the video streaming platform has, for example, set up several challenges. Users could try their hand at the memory game, which requires matching identical cards presented face down and a “who is it”. They also had the opportunity to try the swiper quizzes. Similar to Tinder, participants must swipe left or right to answer questions that appear on their screen.

This is just one of a hundred examples in the Qualifio catalog. It provides easy and quick access to multiple templates to build on. Regardless of the sector of activity or the type of company, we make sure to find many ideas there. In short, this tool is a valuable aid in thinking about and developing a marketing strategy.

About Qualifio: Qualifio provides brands that want to engage their audiences with data collection and loyalty tools so they can develop communities of enthusiasts. Want to know more ? Everything is explained in this 84 second video!

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