Nouveau calvaire pour Kevin Durant, qui contredit ouvertement son coach !

“They don’t need KD, recruiting him would be a terrible mistake! »



On the market for the first time since 2019, Kevin Durant has no shortage of courtiers. A cador has just been added to the list, but would have been wrong to do so according to a former member, convinced that this move would end up haunting them!

At almost 34 years old, he is still able to offer very nice services to any contender. No wonder, then, that Kevin Durant has been on the radar of many ambitious teams for the past few weeks. Announced from Brooklyn, the Slim Reaper indeed arouses envy, even if it does not please everyone in the NBA landscape.

Antoine Walker devastated over KD rumor in Boston

For a few hours, KD finds himself tirelessly mentioned in rumors sending him to Boston. The Celtics would indeed have discussed with the Nets about a potential exchange, which goes badly with some players. Directly involved in this soap opera, Jaylen Brown was not the only one to complainsince Antoine Walker also rebelled against this news on the set of First Things First :

I’m so disappointed this morning because I think that would be a terrible mistake. It would be a terrible decision to make. And I know people are going to say, “That’s Kevin Durant, maybe one of the top three players in the league, of course you have to put in a trade for him if you can!” Well no, you’re not just destroying something you’ve had such a hard time building.

According to the triple All-Star, the C’s already have all the ingredients necessary to win a title soon:

We are talking about a team that is young. Jaylen Brown is 25, Tatum is 24, Smart is 28, Robert Williams is 24… The core of your team is young, and you just lost in Game 6 of the Finals. Everything is in place, and I was just congratulating them because I think they are having the best offseason in the whole league.

With the arrivals of Malcolm Brogdon and Danilo Gallinari, the workforce of Ime Udoka indeed seems more formidable than last year. Therefore, the front office would have no interest in upsetting it for Durant according to Walker:

Your roster is ready! You’re going to start training camp ready to go for the title, your two star players are going to be starving after losing in the Finals, and you’re getting involved in the Kevin Durant case?!

A quite solid argument, which the former interior concludes by affirming without batting an eyelid that KD’s immense talent is not essential to his frankness of heart to win:

I think it’s a bad decision by the Celtics. They should never have gotten involved in any of this. They don’t need Kevin Durant! They are already built to play for the title over the next 3 or 4 seasons.

Convinced that the Celtics already have a workforce worthy of future champions, Antoine Walker castigates the idea of ​​​​recruiting Kevin Durant in Boston this summer. A certain Jaylen Brown is not likely to contradict him on this one!

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