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These Crypto Exchanges Support Airdrop Terra 2.0



Is Kwon making Terra 2.0, which is the latest version of Terra (LUNA), so he can find a way to bring people back to life? The goal of this project is to suggest a split in the Terra blockchain and give airdrops to crypto investors who lost money in the recent stock market crash. The main goal of this brand new Terra ecosystem project is to get people to trust this stablecoin as they will before.

Investors who bought more than 10,000 LUNA tokens before a lot of damage appeared to this stable coin will get new LUNA tokens. This is part of Terra 2.0 policy. This was getting to happen. This will make it more difficult to sell Terra 2.0 immediately.

As a priority, cryptocurrency investors will be able to use more than 300% of their LUNA tokens. The last 70% will be distributed in stages over the next two years. These cryptocurrency investors are going for the brand new Terra 2.0 tokens after six months.



Some cryptocurrency exchanges, like FTX, KuCoin, Gate.io, Bitfinix, Huobi, Upbit, and Bitrue, said they support Terra 2.0 and LUNA airdrops. Starting today, cryptocurrency exchanges will temporarily halt LUNA and UST deposits and withdrawals to ensure a smooth migration and airdrop.

Binance and other exchanges gave no details on the relaunch plan, although they said they were working closely with the Terra team on this. That’s still true, even though they work closely with the Terra team.

The most trusted cryptocurrency exchanges have supported Terra 2.0 and the LUNA Airdrop.

When the new Terra channel was released on May 27, many different things were said about it on cryptocurrency exchanges.

LUNA and UST holders can get new free LUNA tokens on cryptocurrency exchanges at the time of the snapshot. Speaking of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin is very much like virtual money, and the bitcoinsmarter robot trading platform can be used to make transactions safe and easy.

It looks like LUNA and UST will stop trading FTX at 12:00 UTC. All orders placed for a long time will be canceled after this period. Additionally, LUNA and UST cash borrowing and lending positions will be automatically canceled and services will no longer be available. Gate.io also discontinued power to LUNA and UST, as well as its margin borrowing and lending services and its perpetual contracts. At 8:00 UTC, something happened.

All cryptocurrency exchanges that accept Terra 2.0 and LUNA airdrop made the same announcements, and trading stopped for all LUNA/UST pair combinations.

South Korean cryptocurrency exchanges are not needed by the dumped and airdropped Terra as the collapse of LUNA and UST is still under consideration. Upbit, South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, said it would accept LUNA airdrop, but would not let people trade newly issued LUNA coins.

Even though the Terra channel was just released, it’s strange that Coinbase, Kraken, and Gemini weren’t added support for it yet. On May 22, Coinbase Cloud announced that it would no longer work with the Terra blockchain.

Do Kwon and Terra come under increasing pressure as investigations and trials continue.

Even though most people have accepted Terra’s revival plan, Do Kwon and Terraform Labs are still having trouble in South Korea as they are being investigated and sued.

As soon as it became known that many South Koreans had been injured, the South Korean government and other authorities began investigating what happened when the UST and LUNA crashed. A Terra employee said that a well-known law firm may consider using cryptocurrency exchanges that sell LUNA and UST to people in the United States.

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