Kevin Durant face à la presse

“The worst decision of Kevin Durant’s career, that’s it”



Kevin Durant’s journey in the NBA is quite strange, largely also because of his personality. However, one of his biggest fans thinks he made a huge mistake when it came time to sign for the Nets. He would have listened to the wrong person.

Some will say that he did not learn the lesson… When he formalized his departure from the Thunder in 2016 to join Golden State, Kevin Durant had attracted a wave of hatred rarely seen in the history of basketball. Six years later, he left to do it again, having asked to leave the Nets. A terrible sign for the franchise given that he is the franchise player, which earned him to get atomized by Shaquille O’Neal notably, furious with the double champion.

The release of the Big Diesel is enough to ring the ears of the Slim Reaper, but the latter still had the right to a little support from some observers. Skip Bayless fiercely defended him against the Hall of Famer, on the set of Fox Sports. The journalist is not very objective because being a notorious worshiper of n°7, but he recalled an important point: contrary to what Shaqfu claims, it is not KD who is at the origin of the new superteam- yorker. This role falls to Kyrie Irvingwho drew him to the spot himself:

Skip Bayless defends Kevin Durant against the Shaq

I like Shaquille O’Neal, but I don’t like his opinion. It’s wrong because it’s an error in judgment, it’s a little misinformed. I don’t believe Kevin Durant put this house, the Nets superteam, on its feet at all. He is more of a follower than a leader. And for reasons beyond me, he made a huge mistake in his career, the biggest one yet, by following the wrong leader in Kyrie.

Kyrie was the dominant personality and force in their relationship. Kevin Durant wasn’t even supposed to go to the Nets initially. I think he was more intrigued by the idea of ​​playing for the Knicks, but at the last second he said to Kyrie, “Ok, if you really want to go to the Nets because you grew up loving them, I will follow you there”. That’s the only reason he joined.

During their first press conference together, he said he came to Brooklyn because of Kyrie. He was really honest about it, a little too honest even. He had no real connection to this team, he only did it because Kyrie wanted to. So I think we can reject the “You built this team” argument because in fact, he didn’t.

Skip Bayless makes it clear, Kevin Durant should never have joined Kyrie Irving at the Nets. He may not be objective on the subject, the analyst makes a point: it was Uncle Drew who attracted the winger to the Blacks and Whites, and not the other way around. The construction of the franchise is therefore up to the leader, contrary to what Shaq claims.

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