Steph Curry surpris par une décision

“The Warriors will not go to the Finals next year”



Having lifted the title in 2021-22, Golden State will be expected to turn around from the fall. However, a reputable analyst thinks the Dubs will not make it past the conference finals… They should indeed come up against a very promising contender.

It’s pretty much a no-brainer, being the defending champion usually also means you’re the favorite to your own estate barring an earthquake. If the Warriors lost some precious elements during the offseason, the hard core of the Dubs group remained the same. The longtime Big Three are still in place, while the top lieutenants are still under contract and coach Steve Kerr remains in place. The conditions are therefore met to make them serious contenders for the throne of the league.

However, although their workforce is of quality, some observers do not see the Californians achieving the back-to-back. This is notably the case of Tim Bontemps, the analyst ofESPN even being convinced that they will not go to the Finals! Instead, he put his faith in one of their division rivals, the Clippers. According to him, the City of Angels squad has what it takes to make it past the conference semifinals:

The Clippers favorites in the West according to Tim Bontemps

I don’t think the Warriors will emerge victorious from the Western Conference again. I think the Clippers are clearly the best team in the West with everyone available and on the pitch. They’ve spent all of last season hoarding good players, stockpiling assets to be ready to go when Kawhi Leonard and Paul George will be healthy.

They added Norman Powell to the roster, they added Robert Covington, they brought back Nicolas Batum, and this team can play any way they can, they have a champion coach in Ty Lue… I think the Clippers have everything it takes to be a champion team next year.

In any case, the news will not please Stephen Curry & co… On the other hand, the Los Angeles franchise will certainly appreciate the compliment, which should indeed return to the fore in 2022-23.

Rather convincing last year, when The Klaw signed a blank season and PG13 was absent for a long time due to injury, the Sailboats went to the Play-In where the adventure then stopped. Suffice to say that the ambitions will be very different from the fall, with a group finally at 100% of its capacities. We will also add the arrival of John Wall to the journalist’s argument, signed for a pittance. If the mayonnaise sets, the result could be spectacular.

They may be defending champions, but the Warriors will not be able to defend their title in the Finals next year, according to Tim Bontemps. It would be the Clippers who would emerge victorious in the West, they who will finally be complete again after a year of waiting. Whether they can really pull it off remains to be seen.

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