Steph Curry humilié pour son retour à Cleveland !

The Warriors are about to do something unheard of in 2022-23!



Author of an ultra-spectacular basketball, Golden State attracts crowds with its polished game and its collective results. As a result, they may well be aiming for an absolutely all-time mark in the coming months. In any case, the conditions are already met!

Four years after their last title, the Warriors have returned to the NBA throne since their victory last June against the Celtics (4-2 in the Finals). So San Francisco’s franchise dynasty isn’t over yet, and Stephen Curry & co. left to amaze us for a while yet. Enough to make it a privileged target of the media, especially on television. As a result, no less than half of their matches will be broadcast there in 2022-23, a huge figure:

50% of Warriors games will air nationally this season.

When you think about it, that’s only fair when it comes to the Dubs, way beyond the fact that they crowned themselves champions last year. After all, they have been delighting supporters for a long time with their very rhythmic and spectacular attacking game, with big three-point shots in particular. This is all the more the case since the Splash Brothers are back in full force, Klay Thompson having returned to the game after two and a half years of absence.

Attendance record in sight for the Warriors?

The league has taken notice, and with this trump card in hand, it could well dust off its record books in the months to come. Indeed, a move from Golden State to San Antonio could be synonymous with unprecedented crowds, given that the room in which the match will take place will be remodeled. Result, an all-time mark should be broken in this way, the fans being sure to come in droves to the meeting:

Spurs will face the Warriors at the Aladome this season and the stadium will be set up to accommodate more than 65,000 fans. The record attendance for an NBA regular season game is 62,000.

Such a figure is truly staggering for a basketball match, especially since it is not even a face-to-face in the playoffs. This could be the next goal to accomplish, and with the Californians, it seems far from impossible.

The Warriors are true fan magnets, which should see them set a new NBA record in 2022-23. This one will also benefit Spurs, perhaps a consolation prize for Gregg Popovich’s men in the event of a defeat…

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