La légende NBA Dennis Rodman compte accomplir un plan risqué pour sauver la star WNBA Brittney Griner, ce à quoi a fermement réagi le gouvernement de Joe Biden

The US government reacts to the crazy decision of Dennis Rodman!



Already unpredictable on the NBA floors, Dennis Rodman retained this character trait as a retiree, for better and for worse. His latest venture, linked to the tense Brittney Griner file, has also provoked a firm reaction from the Joe Biden administration!

At the time, even his teammates and his coach, with whom he nevertheless shared a good part of his daily life, were unable to anticipate his actions. It is therefore not at 61 that Dennis Rodman risk of repeating itself. Able to afford a getaway to Las Vegas in the middle of the NBA Finals, the former interior of the Bulls has kept this confusing side since his withdrawal from the floors.

And if this peculiarity sometimes leads to fun, like last All-Star Weekend, she can also put people in danger, and cause concern in the highest circles of her country. Indeed, D-Rod has a habit of getting involved in the geopolitical conflicts of the United States, he who considers himself a good friend of the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. This time, it is with Russia and Vladimir Putin that he intends to negotiate.

US condemns Rodman rescue operation

In a recent interview with NBC NewsRodman said he intended to visit Russian territory soon. He thinks he can save WNBA star Brittney Griner there, recently sentenced to 9 years in prison on the spot. An intervention that is not at all in the plans of Joe Biden’s government, which therefore invites the legendary big man to stay at home through the pen of Jonathan Allen:

He’s more likely to cause harm than help, a senior member of the Biden administration has said.

“Everyone knows that the government has made a significant offer to the Russians, and any other negotiation outside the channel established between the two countries could complicate and hinder the resolution of this file. »

In discussion with Russia for weeks now, the US government has indeed proposed a kind of trade to allow Griner to serve his sentence in the United States. But while a deal seems closer and closer to being found, Rodman could therefore derail everything with his commando mission. It remains to be seen whether the latter will listen to orders, or will once again prefer to do as he pleases!

Convinced of being able to solve the Brittney Griner soap opera directly in Russia, Dennis Rodman could on the contrary make it even more complex according to the US government. Good luck reasoning with a head of mule like The Worm!

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