La star NBA des Golden State Warriors, Draymond Green, est apparu sur le parquet lors du Game 4 face aux Grizzlies avec une inscription bien spéciale sur ses sneakers

The unlikely franchise that Draymond Green dreams of joining



One year from the end of his contract, Draymond Green made his intentions clear to the Warriors, namely to obtain an extension to the max. Failing to obtain it, the star interior could seek to join a most surprising team!

While fans were still floating on their little cloud following the title, this information suddenly brought them back to earth. Despite the championship title acquired a few weeks ago, and the still very extensive roster they have, the Warriors are likely to have a difficult coming months. At issue: the perilous financial decision-making that awaits leaders.

Several key elements of the Golden State workforce are applying for an extension, including Andrew Wiggins, Jordan Poole… and Draymond Green. The latter has no intention of making any sacrifices, and intends to receive a maximum salary by the end of his career. A desire that could cause his departure from the Bayand lead it to a franchise that is much less appealing to everyone.

Back to basics unexpected for Draymond Green?

If he were to leave the Warriors, Draymond would undoubtedly not lack prestigious courtiers, who would gladly make him part of their defense. And yet, the barker of the Dubs could snub them for the benefit… of Detroit, as reported by Jack Simone in the columns of :

According to an Eastern Conference executive, Green always wanted to play for the Pistons at some point in his career.

A choice of course which may surprise at first sight, but which is justified by the roots of the big man:

A native of Saginaw, Michigan, Green grew up as a Pistons fan. Ben Wallace was his idol, and like any basketball player, getting the chance to play for his hometown team would certainly be a dream come true.

In addition to making sense in Green’s mind, this return to the Motor City seems economically feasible, as the famous source quoted by Simone reminds us well:

Draymond always wanted to go there, he always wanted to play for the Pistons. And they have the cap space to bring it in. It’s hard to imagine Draymond playing anywhere other than Golden State, but if it were to ever happen, Detroit would be a sensible bet.

Unsurprisingly, the Pistons’ general staff would welcome the All-Star interior with open arms, who would represent a mentor of choice for the young talents of the group like Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey or Jalen Duren:

Detroit has always wanted Draymond to join the team. (Tom) Gores (the owner of the Pistons, editor’s note) has always regretted the fact that they failed to get their hands on him in the 2012 Draft. Gores is a fan of Michigan State, and he wanted to offer Draymond a contract as a free agent in 2015, but back then the Warriors would have matched any offer. If the Pistons show progress this season with their young players, they could join the fight for it.

Accustomed to victory since his arrival at Golden State, Draymond Green would therefore be ready to leave this environment to join the much more wobbly one in Detroit. A decision partly motivated by the financial aspect, but probably more by the heart!

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