La superstar NBA des Los Angeles Clippers, Kawhi Leonard, a récemment fait l'objet d'une déclaration d'un coéquipier horrifiante pour le reste de la ligue

The terrifying exit of a Clipper on Kawhi Leonard



Absent from the floors since June 14, 2021, Kawhi Leonard is finally preparing to walk on them again. An event which already had enough to worry the competition on its own, and which should prove even more horrifying following the words of one of his teammates!

After 16 months of absence, it only took him a few seconds to find his way to the basket. Back in the Clippers jersey for the pre-season, Kawhi Leonard took part in two of the three games played by his franchise. And even if his averages of 9.5 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists per game do not a priori have anything to alarm his rivals, the latter had better stay on their guard.

Kawhi Leonard back on top? The chilling statement

More than his first minutes played during the preparation of his team, the fans are above all waiting for Kawhi’s first official steps this season. Even more since the appearance of a freaking photo of his transformed physique a few days ago. Asked by Mark Medina about his leader, Ivica Zubac also confirmed that the latter was in no way idle during his absence:

He handled it Kawhi style. He continued to work hard. He was always close to the guys and on the sidelines. He was talking to the coaches about what he saw from his position. Same with the players, he told us what he would like to see us do better. He helped us a lot from the edge of the field, but I’m sure he will help us even more this season.

Reconverted to assistant coach during his period of unavailability, Kawhi still kept one goal in sight, namely his big recovery. So he did everything possible to return to his peak physical condition, just to reign terror as he did in the past. For Zubac, he will even be able to do so from his first outing, against the Lakers, this Friday:

He looks really fit. He plays like he did before he got injured. He is healthy, powerful and fast. He finds his shooting positions as always. He is a hard worker. He looks like Kawhi, what.

Hello horror vision for future opponents of The Klaw, who had enough to be satisfied not to have faced him last year.

However, we will indeed have to deal with him and his teammates this season, no offense to the rest of the West. The Clips have indeed enough to compete with any other franchise in the conference, and even in the league. Because in addition to an ultra-substantial and talented workforce, Tyronn Lue will obviously be able to rely on a Kawhi in full possession of his means!

Temporarily disappeared from circulation in recent months, Kawhi Leonard is visibly preparing to make a cannon return to the league. The opposing teams are therefore warned, starting with the Lakers, who will have to muzzle him on Friday!

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